Just A Dream

Dreams do come true, especially for three best friends who have promised each other to move to London and meet the loves of their lives- One Direction. They encounter things they would never ever expect. Conflicts bring out the worst and the best of these girls and meeting new people could change their lives forever. If you had a chance to meet the loves of your life, wouldn't you want to follow it?


3. What A Mistake


*Kaulena’s Point of View*


“Attention passengers, please remain seated until the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign. Thank you and welcome to London,” says the flight attendant who yelled at us a few hours before.

I unbuckle my seat and stretched out. Was I seriously in that position the whole flight? “Hey!” Nikki says as I accidentally punch her. “Oh! Sorry!” I grab Nikki’s cheeks and rub them. I feel the plane coming to a slow stop and once it does, the captain finally turns off the little glowing sign. I am up and out of my seat.

I quickly grab all three of our bags and stand in the walk way so no one gets out before us, “Kaulena! This isn’t elementary school; no one will get out before us! We are in the first row!” Riley says as she stands up and stretches. “Now they won’t because I am first!” I say sticking my tongue out at her. “You know that no matter how fast we get out of this plane, it won’t increase our chances of seeing One Direction any sooner.” Nikki says a little out of it, and tumbling over as she gets up out of her seat. Loser.

Finally, after about five minutes the flight attendant comes out of the bathroom. Took her long enough. She walks up to the door, and turns to me.

“Are you in a hurry?” She says with a fake smile. I nod, “Actually, I am.” I say, mocking her smile.         

She smirks and slowly turns and opens the door, teasing me. Once it’s open, I bolt. I start running down the long, tunnel which seems like it goes on forever. As I am running down the tunnel, I totally lose focus on the bag I am rolling behind me, only for a split second. During that second, the different part of the floor becomes slightly higher and easy to trip on, suddenly appears and the next thing I know, I’m sliding across the ground, my bag flying past me, my computer bag coming over my head and my phone flies out of my hands. The burning sensation of the sliding of my knees and elbows against the carpet starts and kills. Laughter starts from the back of the tunnel. I turn to my side and see Riley and Nikki practically crying on the ground laughing. I stand up and give them the bird before anyone could see. They stand up slowly, and Nikki, of course tries to re-enact my fall.

“YEAH! SEE YA!” I yell and walk out of the tunnel.


*Nikki’s Point of View*


“Holy. Mother. Of. God! Did you see that? Holy shit.” I say to Riley and I fall to the floor once again. That was the funniest thing ever! I so wish I recorded that!

I stand up and like all times like these, I pretend to have the time turner necklace from Harry Potter to go back in time and recreate Kaulena’s tumble.

Riley starts to laugh and Kaulena gets up and yells to us, “YEAH SEE YA!” and she walks out of the tunnel.

Shortly after, me and Riley pull ourselves together and walk out of the tunnel to see Kaulena standing in line for Starbucks. She stands awkwardly behind three boys.

Riley and I join Kaulena and try to hold in our laughter but it is no use. We start to laugh and practically start crying. Again. The three guys turn around and we force ourselves to stop.

One of them has blonde hair, with brown eyes, who is wearing a flat hat backwards, with a navy sweatshirt and grey sweats, which is pretty hot. One of the other guys has straight brown hair, with glasses and hazel eyes and a red knit beanie while wearing a tee shirt and cut offs. The third one has brown curly hair with bright blue eyes, he wears a black beanie with striped sweater and black Adias sweats.

“What is happening over here?” The curly haired one says.

 I turn to Riley and she is about to say something then Kaulena cuts her off, “They are just being bitches that’s all.”

The three guys smile and chuckle. “No, something funny just happened, that’s all.” I say trying not to make a bad impression. They start to smile and we get our coffee and drinks, we sit down at a table and talk.

 "So, what brings you beautiful ladies here?" The blonde one says with a heavy, different British accent, I think it's British at least.

"We’ve always wanted to live here, well for the past four years." Kaulena says in a flirtatious tone. To be honest we are all flirts. Big time.

The boys nod and smile at each other. "Wonderful! Well, welcome to London!" They all exclaim.

"Whoa, what is going on here?" A guy says coming up followed by another who has brown hair and brown eyes. "Hey! Well, we just met these lovely ladies and decided to talk to them," the straight haired guy says, gesturing towards us, "Girls, these are our two other good friends." He looks to the guys then back to us and he continues, "Guys, this is Riley, Kaulena, and Nikki." We shake hands and they join in on our conversation.

One of the guys has black hair and blue eyes, with a blonde streak in the front of his quaff; he wears a Jack Wills jacket and sweats. The other one with brown hair and sunglasses, wears an orange baseball tee and black jeans.

The boys asked us about moving here, and why we wanted to move here. They asked us about living in America and if we’d miss everyone.

             After, our chat with the boys and we finished our needed coffee, we headed to a nearby hotel. It is pretty nice; thank god we have nice comfortable beds. I get a bed to myself and Riley shares with Kaulena. Sucks for them. Within about a minute I am asleep. So much for the coffee run.


            I wake up to the smell of potatoes, eggs and coffee. The sun is coming through the blinds and the clock reads 10:30. Back in California it is 2:30 am. The sound of the TV echo’s through the room.

            I get up and take a nice hot shower and relax. I throw on a large hoodless sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants. I grab my breakfast and sit back on the bed and turn to the news to check the weather. Weird channels they got.

I watch the TV not really paying attention until two words get my attention as well as Riley’s and Kaulena’s.

The two words… One Direction.

“The five guys from One Direction were spotted last night at the airport coming home from their tour in Australia. The boys were caught trying to disguise themselves by wearing clothing they wouldn’t usually be seen in and colored contact lenses,” The reporter says to the camera and a picture of Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall pop up. I do a double take and rub my eyes. I can’t believe what I am witnessing.

Louis is wearing the same glasses and tee shirt as one of the guys last night. Harry has the same beanie and striped sweater on as another. Niall is wearing the same exact flat hat, which is worn backwards by the way, with brown eyes and a navy sweatshirt as the blonde one. Liam wears an orange baseball tee standing next to Zayn who has blue eyes and the Jack Wills sweatshirt. They are wearing the exact same as the five guys we made friends with last night!

“Is it just me or am I seeing things?” Kaulena says rubbing the TV screen and I shake my head, “I don’t know about you but I think I’m dreaming. Riley, pinch me.” I say and she does, but I don’t wake up in my bed in America with my dog. I am still standing, in a hotel room in London, watching the news with Kaulena and Riley. “Guys, I’m going to cry!” Riley shouts, running towards the bathroom. We hear the sounds of her puking. “I was wrong, they weren’t tears!” she calls.

Last night, we talked to and sat with the reason for us coming here. How could we not notice that it was them!

We used to stalk them for years, love them and dream about them. Writing fan-fiction and reading imagines about the boys on the stairs. All of that lead up to us not even recognizing them in person? Are we that stupid and oblivious?

This definitely isn’t just a dream, this is reality. This is the real deal. And it isn’t going to end like this. 

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