Just A Dream

Dreams do come true, especially for three best friends who have promised each other to move to London and meet the loves of their lives- One Direction. They encounter things they would never ever expect. Conflicts bring out the worst and the best of these girls and meeting new people could change their lives forever. If you had a chance to meet the loves of your life, wouldn't you want to follow it?


8. Up All Night To Get Lucky

It only takes a few seconds before I am able to click the button to call Kaulena. When she picks up, I hear loud music and a bunch of chattering voices in the background.
“Who!?” I nearly shout into the phone. Riley looks at me weirdly and asks me what is going on but I ignore her.
“What?” Kaulena shouts into the speaker.
“Who’s there at Funky Buddha?”
“What!?” Kaulena yells again.
“Oh my God! Kaulena, go to the bathroom or someplace quiet for Pete’s sake!” I yell so loud it makes Riley jump. I giggle.
“Jeeze, okay. No need to shout,” Kaulena says, much more quietly than before as I hear the volume in the back go way down. There is an echo when she talks. “Why did you call me? I’m working.”
“You’re the one that texted me that someone is there! Who is it? Is it Louis? Please tell me it’s Louis,” I cry. By this point, Riley has caught on to the situation and is pressing her ear up to the other side of my phone. I feel a tickle in my throat and cough and she jumps about a mile away. My laugh covers Kaulena’s reply.
“Say that again?”
“It’s not Louis.”
My shoulders drop. “Oh. Well, then who is it?”
“It’s Gemma,” she replies excitedly. “Gemma Styles.”
“You heard me! Harry Styles’ sister is here- at the Funky Buddha- and she’s plastered.”
I freeze in my position, not really knowing what to do. We can’t just stay here! Our opportunity to get one step closer to meeting our future husbands is less than 20 minutes away! But, it’s pouring rain out, and Riley said it was impossible to get a taxi. I take a deep breath. I’m not letting this slip through my fingers. Not again. “We will be there as soon as we can.” I hang up right as Kaulena starts a sentence with “Are you insane?”
“What the hell is going on?” Riley asks as soon as I pull the phone away from my cheek. “What was Kaulena saying?”
“Riley,” I say urgently, running to the kitchen. “Go get changed into something pretty… and dry. And pick me out something cute too. I trust your judgment better than my own now that you do it as a profession.” I laugh.
“What for?”
“For the Funky Buddha!”
“And how on Earth are we going to get there?” she asks, putting her hands on her hips.
I quickly get down on my knees and start rummaging through the kitchen cupboards. They shouldn’t be that hard to find since there is barely anything in here…
“I will figure that out, just go and get ready. We need to hurry and leave within the next five or ten minutes- maybe seven.”
“Nikki,” Riley says slowly, as if she is getting ready to give a speech. “I was just walking in the pouring rain for the past 25 minutes. Look at my hair.” she uses her index finger to point to her head, “You expect me to fix my hair, get dressed, fix my makeup, and pick out an outfit for you in ten minutes?”
“You look fine. Put your hair in like a sleek ponytail with a bow or something and then just do your eye makeup.”
She pauses. “You don’t get me do you?”
“Riley, you’re wasting time! Go as fast as you can! This might be our chance at meeting One Direction and I’m not going to watch it float by.” I move on to another set of cupboards.
“Wait, what?”
“Harry’s sister is at Funky Buddha right now.”
“Wait, that’s who Kaulena saw?”
“Yeah! Who did you think it was?” I ask, still not finding what I am looking for.
“I thought she saw a random group of hot guys or something…”
“No! It’s Gemma!”
“Oh… Well, in that case, I need to go get ready,” she says, making her way towards the hallway.
“You think?” I finally spot the thick paper book in the back of the cupboard next to the dishwasher. “Finally!” I cheer.
I pull it out and toss it on the counter. It makes a much louder noise than I expected it to. I flip over to the T section and use my finger to find to help my glance quickly at all the company names. Finally I find the ones I am looking for- taxi services. There are about eight of them. I just have to call each of them and see what will get here the fastest. Good thing I still have phone service even though the power is out.
I dial the first one and it rings for what feels like forever before a machine picks up. I end the call and quickly dial the second, only to have the same thing happen. This happens again for the third and the fourth. Finally, on the fifth taxi service, someone picks up, only to tell me all their cars are already driving other people so they won’t be able to pick us up for another hour. On the sixth call I hear some good news. Some.
“There’s actually a car about ten minutes away from you,” the man says through the speaker.
“That’s great!” I squeal with excitement.
“But,” by the tone in the man’s voice I can already tell the car won’t be taking us to meet Gemma, “It just broke down. So I’m afraid it will take about 30 minutes before a car will get to your apartment.”
“Ok. Never mind then,” I speak quickly before hanging up. “Jerk.” I dial the seventh number. “This one better freaking work.”
A woman picks up and I quickly explain my situation. “Let me see if there are any cars near you,” she says kindly. I hear clicks of a mouse as she looks at the car trackers. My address comes up with caller I.D. so she doesn’t need to ask for it.
“You’re in luck. There is a car driving in your direction about to drop some people off. So, it should take no more than ten minutes to get there, is that ok?”
“That’s perfect! Thank you so, so, so much!” I shout.
I hear the woman chuckle. “No problem. I will tell the driver where to go.”
I hang up and run down the hallway quickly, stumbling a little mid-way.
“You ok there?” Riley laughs as she steps out of the bathroom. It had been about five minutes since she started to get ready and she looked completely different. She took my advice on the ponytail, but instead of a bow, she had put a sparkly blue bow barrette on the side. Her hair didn’t even look wet. She wore a black lace bra top with a high-waisted sparkly blue peplum skirt that went to mid-thigh. She started to pull on three inch stiletto heels that were covered in lace up to her ankles.
“Bow chicka wow wow,” I say and laugh as Riley rolls her eyes at me.
“Ha ha. Now you go get dressed.” She hands me the outfit she picked out. I rush into the bathroom to change in record time. I toss on a dark grey loose shirt and shimmery red tights with gold studs going down the leg. I swing the door open and stumble out almost tripping over a towel left in the hallway, it was probably Kaulena. That slob. Riley grabs her set of keys to the house and we bolt out the door. Traveling down the stairs of the three story building we reached the bottom with little breath. We rushed out the side door and waited for the taxi we called to show up. Continuously, we looked down at our dying phones to check the time.
After about a good three minutes the taxi cab pulls up alongside the curb. We hopped into the cab and gave the directions to the driver. He slowly put the address into the GPS, he obviously took his time. I looked over at Riley and I tapped my fingers on the window.
​“Finally you guys showed up!” Kaulena shouts, holding a clipboard as she walks through a large wave of people. Bright, colorful strobe lights flash making the people dancing visible. A strong aroma of alcohol and sweat filled the hot air. Kaulena led us over to the tables where Gemma sat with her friends.
​“Dude, you guys Gemma looks totally ‘MC-Hammered.'” I yelled over the music, looking at the state Gemma was in, as she walks to hug her friend in the corner of the room.
​“What does that mean? That doesn’t even make sense.” Riley disappointingly shakes her head.
​"It means like, totally wasted," I try to find the right words to explain to Riley but she looks at me with a confused look, "It makes sense to me, okay!"
We start to walk over to the bar to grab some drinks. With us being old enough is a little strange considering back home in America we would have 3 more years to start legally drinking. I order a lemonade with vodka. I take my drink from the bartender, handing him money for it. I turn and look for an empty table, spotting one a few tables away from Gemma's. Or, at least, the table she was just in. Looking around for wherever she has disappeared to, I walk over to the open seating. I make a sharp turn and collide with a woman who was walking backwards. We both drop our drinks and she collapses to the floor. I hurry over to her to help her. She looks up laughing and her face instantly matches her name. Gemma was hysterically laughing as I try to help her up. Once she's on her feet, she grasps my arm for some stability.
"I am-" She breaks into laughter once again before continuing, "So sorry. I am such a clutz." She starts to pull me towards her table of friends, "Wanna sit with us? I'll buy you a drink. Take it as a peace offer for running into you."
I look over my shoulder to see Riley and Kaulena walking back from the bar, "Can my friends sit with us too?" I point towards them as their shocked expressions become visible.
Gemma looks around me and smiles, "The more the better!"
I gesture for them to come over to us, they obey and walk their way over.
"I'm Gemma by the way!" She says to me.
"I'm Nikki," I reply.
"I'm Kaulena and this is Riley." Kaulena speaks up, and Riley slaps her hand.
"I can speak for myself," she snaps back.
"Nice to meet you ladies! Follow me; I'll introduce you to my friends!" We follow Gemma to her table with four of her other friends.
"Guys, this is Nikki, Riley and..." She can't finish her sentence.
"Kaulena." Kaulena adds.
"I'm sorry, I can't remember things when I'm drunk," she chuckles and sits down.
Riley and I take a seat and Kaulena gracefully walks back to work. I look over to see she was wearing my purple heels paired with a tight black dress with long sleeves. We haven’t even been living together for a month and she’s already going through my closet.
"I can tell you guys aren't from the UK because you have American accents," Gemma states.
"Yea, we just moved here," Riley yells over the deafening music.
"Where from?" She now seems very interested.
"California-" Riley and I say that the same time.
"Wow! I absolutely love Cali! I used to go with my br-" She stops herself then pretends to be interrupted by the music.
"It was so great, we lived five minutes from the beach, two hours from the mountains and four hours from Vegas." I add smiling, I am almost starting to miss home now.
"I would go to Los Angeles, then we'd drive down to Disneyland!" Gemma smiles at us.
"We both had yearly passes! It's the best!" Riley looks at me.
"So lucky! May I ask but why did you guys move here?" she questionably looks at us, tilting her head.
"We...um... We have always wanted to move here." I say, probably a little awkwardly. We can’t really tell her the real reason.
Riley and I awkwardly glance back and forth. I take a sip of my lemonade and Riley gulps her margarita down.
"Seconds?" Gemma holds out two Strawberry margaritas to us and we happily accept, thanking her.
After a few more drinks, Gemma, Danica, who is Gemma's friend, Riley and I are out on the dance floor. At some points we were grinding against guys and other times we danced with each other. Riley and I quit after the margaritas, but Gemma kept her own drinks coming. Kaulena walks over and pulls us off the dance floor and looks at us with a cold look.
"What are you guys doing?!" She screamed.
"We havin' fun!" Riley smiles and kisses Kaulena's cheek.
"You guys are drunk!" She disappointing glares at us.
"Kaulena, it's okay. We can handle ourselves." I reassure her.
"What if you say something you shouldn't? Like something about Harry!"
"Kaulena calm down, we won't." I say.
"If you guys screw this up... You will NEVER," she emphasizes the word never, "Hear the end of it." She stomps off to the front of the club and Riley and I continue our dancing.
We end up leaving around the same time Kaulena's shift is over. I look down at my phone, "Wow, it's almost 5 A.M!" I yawn and my eyes shoot open, "I have work today! I am going to be exhausted! Oh my god." I start to huff and almost hyperventilate.
"Shoot," Riley shakes her head, "I have work in four hours."
"I'm kinda glad I have a night shift now," Kaulena smirks and chuckles.
"Yeah, okay well no need to rub it in." I say rolling my eyes.
"Hey, you guys didn't have to drink that much last night!" Kaulena says in defense.
"Hey now... Who got Gemma's number? That's right, we did." I turn and high five Riley.
"If it weren't for me and my job you wouldn't even have gotten her number," Kaulena murmurs
"True." Riley says as we walk into our apartment. "I'm going to get some sleep. Where's the Advil?" Riley asks holding her head.
"It’s in the cabinet in the bathroom." Kaulena mumbles changing into her pajamas. "’Night guys, see you when you get back from work." Kaulena waves and struts to her room, shutting the door behind her.
"Night." Riley and I walk to our rooms for the most of the few hours of sleep we can get.

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