Just A Dream

Dreams do come true, especially for three best friends who have promised each other to move to London and meet the loves of their lives- One Direction. They encounter things they would never ever expect. Conflicts bring out the worst and the best of these girls and meeting new people could change their lives forever. If you had a chance to meet the loves of your life, wouldn't you want to follow it?


7. Sick

Chapter 7: Sick

*Kaulena’s Point of View*

            I wake up to the sound of throwing up coming from the bathroom. I look at the clock and its 3AM. I get up and walk to the bathroom to see Nikki on her knees hovering over the toilet. I look at Riley who is also standing in the door way with water.

            “Food poisoning, she’s been up since two just throwing up.” Riley says walking a paper towel over to Nikki.

            “How lovely. Is she going to be able to go to work tomorrow?” I ask, walking over and rubbing Nikki’s back.

            “No, probably not. You might want to text Peter and tell him.”

            “No,” Nikki says coughing, “Please don’t text him for me. I can do it.”

            “If you text him, he might think you’re partying and drunk, and you can’t call him because it’s 3AM. If you have Kaulena do it, he will understand.” Riley says sitting up the on counter, leaning her head up against the mirror.

            She huffs, “Fine”

            “Okay, be right back. Oh Ri, go back to bed, you have to wake up early tomorrow. I don’t. I’ll stay up with her.” I say walking over to get my phone and I send the text message to Peter.

            I walk back over to Nikki with a pillow for her to put her knees on and I wrap myself in a blanket. I sit up on the counter and look down at Nikki, pale face, tears in her eyes and shaking hands.

            “Do you need anything?” I ask, and she shakes her head.

            “I think, I think I’m done.” She says squatting and slowly standing up.

            “Here, go lay on the couch and I will get you a bowl in case you need to throw up again, and I will get you some crackers.” I jump off the counter and walk into the kitchen and grab some saltine crackers and a new bottle of water. I walk into the living room, and lay down opposite of Nikki and hand her the crackers.

            “TV?”She asks holding the remote in her hand and I nod. She turns it on to Alan Carr’s show the Chatty Man, they are showing a re-run of One Direction’s episode.

            “Oh my god! This is part is so great!” Nikki says laughing. We got to the part of them taking about the girls in the What Makes You Beautiful video.

            “Do you want to tell us about Madison, Harry? Did you take a trip down Madison’s avenue?” Alan says to Harry making the whole audience laugh, also Nikki and I.

            “I think the other two are on after this! Sweet!” I say looking through the guide. We stayed up watch the two other episodes and then we fell to sleep right after.


*Nikki’s Point of View*

            I wake up to the smell of sweet syrup and freshly squeezed oranges. I get up off the couch and make my way to the kitchen and see Riley and Kaulena talking.

            “Good morning sickly one. How did you sleep?” Riley asks me putting her plate into the sink.

            I shrug, “Alright, I am tired but it’s all good. Thanks for helping me last night.”

            “It’s no problem, because I would definitely would want someone to help me when I am sick and puking my brains out.” Kaulena takes another sip of her orange juice, and almost spitting it out because she thinks she is so funny.

"Funny. So, did Peter text back?" I ask taking a seat at the tall bar seat outside of the kitchen.

"Yeah, he said, ‘it’s alright, just telling her to feel better.'" Kaulena reads off the text he sent her.

"Cool. When do you start work?" I ask Riley.

"Nine. I have to leave right now to get a taxi there. I am so excited and I will get to find out what discount I get." She says grabbing her backpack and jacket.

"Alright, cool see you when you get back!"

"See you guys later!" Riley walks out the door.

"When you do work?" I look at Kaulena wondering when she will leave me.

"I have to get to the club by eight tonight but I think I might go early to check it out." Kaulena walks back over to the couch and turns on the TV.

"You excited?" I walk into the bathroom to turn on the shower and brush my hair out.

"Yeah! Who knows who I will meet there!" Kaulena yells from the living room.

"I know! Tom Daley, Andy Samuels, also practically everyone that goes there regularly, somewhat knows Liam."

"Yeah exactly!"

"Alright, I am going to take a shower." I close the door, plug in my phone to the dock and put my music on shuffle. I take off my clothes and hop in then hop right back out because it's too cold. Once it gets to the right temperature, I hop back in and let my muscles relax. I sing along to Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran.

Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone, Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt, Told you I'd let them go, And that I'll fight my corner, Maybe tonight I'll call ya, after my blood turns into alcohol, No I just wanna hold ya.

I finish washing my hair and conditioning it, and I get out and grab a towel. I walk out and get dressed into comfortable sweatpants and a baggy tee-shirt. I hop on the reclining seat next to the couch and dose off.


I wake back up to the sound of thunder. I jolt out of my chair and its dark, the electricity is out and it’s dark outside. I run and grab my phone. It's seven o'clock. Did I seriously sleep all day? I dial Kaulena's number because she's not supposed to be working yet.

The phone rings three times before she answers.

"Hello?" She yells over the loud thud of the music playing.

"Dude! It's thundering outside," a flash from outside lights up the room and I jump, "I hate thunder and lightning! When does Riley get off work?" I yell hoping she hears me.

"Nic, I can't hear you. Text me." She hangs up and I text Riley instead.

The door opens and Riley walks in drenched.

"Thank god you're home," I run and hug Riley, "Why are you so wet?"

"I couldn't get a taxi back here so I had to walk." She shivers and I run to grab a blanket for her.

"How could you walk alone in the rain when it is thundering outside? You're crazy!"

"I know. Well I am not scared like you, so I am fine." We laugh and use our phones are flashlights.

"So, how was your first day?" I say crossing my legs on the couch.

"Fun actually, I got to sort through the clothes and help people find things. I found out that I get a 25% discount so if you want anything tell me and I will buy it for you. There are a lot of cute guys walking around too." She says texting someone.

"Who you texting," I say looking at her screen and see Fred on it, "Ohhh, who's Fred?"

"None of your business!" She hides her phone and locks it.

"C'mon! You have to tell me! Is he cute? Tall? Funny?" I says nudging her at each word I said.

"He's alright, he’s really nice but that's it. I barely even talked to him."

"Then how did you end up getting his number?" I cross my arms but she probably can't even see me.

"We talked and he gave it to me. No big deal."

"Fine." I roll my eyes and chuckle.

"What?" Riley whines.

"Nothing!” I chuckle at myself once again.

My phone beeps and I get a new message from Kaulena:

"You will never guess who's here! OH MY GODD!!!!"


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