Just A Dream

Dreams do come true, especially for three best friends who have promised each other to move to London and meet the loves of their lives- One Direction. They encounter things they would never ever expect. Conflicts bring out the worst and the best of these girls and meeting new people could change their lives forever. If you had a chance to meet the loves of your life, wouldn't you want to follow it?


4. Facing Reality

*Riley’s Point of View*


The next day was dark. It was like we were living in a newspaper, jumping from article to article, living in the black and white pages with absolutely no color. Kaulena stayed in her bed, I stayed in my bed, and Nikki, not being one to that can sit still for too long, lurked around the room. She paces back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom, with a blank stare.

The whole thing is pretty ridiculous. I mean, we were pining over these guys who we met once. But we saw them! We met them! They were sitting with us and conversing! WE WERE TALKING TO ONE DIRECTION!! The worst part is we didn’t even know. The next worst part is that we have no way of contacting them. No numbers. No emails. Nada. Nothing. Zip.

There was a part of me that was saying, “This is stupid. You need to go find a place to live. You haven’t showered in two days! You’re disgusting! And you sure as hell aren’t gonna meet One Direction by being cooped up in this hotel room!” But, there is another part of me saying, “Sleep is fun”. The “Sleep is fun”side of me won, of course.

Another day passed by before Nikki ruined my beautiful slumber and pulled the covers off of me. I’ve learned that when people do this, it is best to stay still and pretend to still be asleep and then the person eventually puts the blanket back over you and leaves you alone. Or at least, that works with my mom.

“We have been moping for two days and we can’t any longer,” I hear Kaulena groan as more sheets are pulled to the ground. “We can’t stay here forever. We have to go apartment hunting! We were supposed to start yesterday. I know what happened was the worst thing that could have happened. I mean our whole point in coming here and dropping everything, including our family and friends, was to meet 1D and then when we meet them we didn’t even know and-…”

“Not making me feel any better here.” I interrupt.

“Sorry, where was I?”

“Mumbling on about our whole point in moving to London,” Kaulena’s muffled voice says, her face stuffed in a pillow.

“Right, thanks,” Nikki continues, “I know what happened completely cushed our dreams but we have to take action. I already know where we are going to look for an apartment. You guys need to get dressed, I bought bagels.”

Jesus. What didn’t she do?


I walked away from the realtor and the others to explore the place on my own.

It was nice. Wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small. It had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and they were all exactly the same except for their colors. One was a sky blue, one was a ballet pink, and one was a beautiful lavender. I know what room I want. There was a small kitchen and living room as well. And the best part is, every room is furnished.

I walk back to the group, “I like it.”

“Me too,” Kaulena nods.

“So you guys are interested?” the realtor, Susanne, asks.


“Okay let me give you these papers and you can fill it out while I get some other things out of my car,” she says handing us the papers and a pen. She walks away and Nikki starts to fill out the papers.

A few moments later, Nikki’s eyes widen and she lets out a small gasp.

“What’s wrong?” asks Kaulena.

“Look at the rent price.”

Kaulena and I look and gasp just like Nikki.

“That’s so much! How are we going to pay that each month?”

“I guess, we have to get jobs.”

“Don’t say that!” I almost yell. “I don’t want to work.”

“Riley, we expected this.”

“I thought you were kidding,” I cross my arms.

“We don’t have a choice. She said this is the cheapest place we will be able to find.”

“But that means I will have to wake up early again! I finished school! I don’t want to have to go back to waking up at six in the morning,” I whine.

“Sorry love,” Kaulena says.

“Well look at you already turning British.”


Later that night, we sit around the small kitchen table, eating McDonald’s. Weird right? We moved all the way from America to England and we are eating American fast-food.

“So let’s discuss jobs.” Nikki says as she wipes her mouth with a napkin.

I groan.

“We have to talk about it sometime.”

“Where were you thinking about working?” Kaulena asks.

“I don’t know. I mean, obviously we won’t get high paying jobs. We will probably work as waitresses or at fast-food places.”

“No! I did not go through 16 god damn years of school to work at McDonald’s,” I argue.

“What other choice is there!?” Nikki yells back.

“I want to do something I want to do! I want to sing! I want to do something in fashion.” I say.

“Then apply for jobs at clothing stores. Or go to cafés and ask if you can perform there,” Kaulena says, nonchalantly.

“Kaulena! That’s brilliant!” I say.

“Thanks, I try.”

“Okay what about you guys?”

“I’ll do whatever I have to. I don’t care that much.” Nikki says.

Kaulena agrees, “Same.”

“Okay so how about tomorrow we all go job hunting separately to see what we find.”

Kaulena and I agree to Nikki’s plan, and we all fall asleep in our different rooms as soon as we hit our pillows.

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