Just A Dream

Dreams do come true, especially for three best friends who have promised each other to move to London and meet the loves of their lives- One Direction. They encounter things they would never ever expect. Conflicts bring out the worst and the best of these girls and meeting new people could change their lives forever. If you had a chance to meet the loves of your life, wouldn't you want to follow it?


6. Date Night

Chapter 6: Date Night

*Riley’s Point of View*

I am woken up by the sound of Nikki gasping. “We forgot about Peter!”

“Who the hell is Peter?” I ask grumpily.

“My boss we were supposed to meet at dinner last night! Oh shit! He’s gonna fire me before I even start work!”

“Whoa dude, first of all, it’s 10 in the morning. Don’t talk so loud. Second of all, just call him and explain that we couldn’t make it because we had to do some moving in stuff.” I say.

“That’s lying!”

“Like he’ll know the difference,” Kaulena says as she starts to get dressed.

“Okay,”Nikki says, dialing a number on her phone. “Hey Peter… Yeah I am so sorry about that. It’s just… Oh, okay, good… Tonight’s sounds great… Yes, I promise this time I won’t forget… Okay, see you then, bye.”


“It got rescheduled to tonight.”

“That’s good. Now go back to sleep.”

“It’s 10 am. Wake up!” Kaulena yells in my face.

“Why? It’s not like we are doing anything today.” I say.

“We move in today!” Nikki says.

I plop down on my new bed. Ahhh…. I can just imagine all the fun times I’m going to have in this bed. And by fun, I mean sleep. It was a long day. We unpacked all our things. And when I say all I mean ALL our things. It took five hours. And we had to sign a lot of papers. It was so much work.

“What do you think you are doing?” Nikki asks, barging into my room.

“Am I not allowed any privacy?” I ask.

“You are not going to sleep. We are not forgetting about Peter again!”

“what time are we meeting him?” I ask.


“What time is it now?” I ask.


“Oh please I have a lot of time,” I say getting under the cover.

“Fine, but I am waking you up in an hour,” Nikki calls from the hall.

I am already asleep.

We pull up in front of the restaurant at 6:55.

“I told you Nicole.”

“Oh, shut up.”

We tell the woman at the booth who we were here for and she leads us to a quiet table in the back. The man who I am guessing is Peter is already there waiting for us. Nikki sits down next to him and Kaulena slides in across from him so I sit across from Nikki. This is going to be an amazingly awkward night.

“Hello Nikki, girl. I am Peter. Manager here at Nando’s.”

“Hi, I’m Riley,” I say, jumping right in to shake his hand.

“I’m Kaulena,” Kaulena says smiling. He grabs her hand and they shake. But differently than how we shook hands. Theirs was much slower and there was a lot more eye contact. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… What’s going on here?

“What beautiful names you girls have,” Peter says glancing at Kaulena.

I know he isn’t talking to me but I can’t help myself from saying, “Oh gee, thanks. I have never liked my name so much,” He looks at me strangely which just adds to my satisfaction.

“So tell me about Nikki,” he says, “I need to make sure she is trustworthy.”

“Well I met her in when we were on the same softball team. She is a great pitcher.”Kaulena says. Nikki blushes.

“I met her through a friend in sixth grade. And we have all been best friends ever since.” I answer.

“So Nikki is trustworthy?” Peter asks, yet again making eye contact with Kaulena.

“I would trust her with my life,” Kaulena replies, staring right back.

“What was that all about?” Nikki asks Kaulena once we get back to our apartment. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed something happening between Kaulena and Peter. The rest of the night went like him asking us more about Nikki. He also asked if we like our food and we all agreed it was the best food we have eaten since we had gotten here. It was all pretty boring. The only interesting thing was at the end of the night, he asked for Kaulena’s number.

“Oh please, that didn’t mean anything.” She says acting like it was no big deal.

“Well he didn’t ask for my phone number did he? I’m kind of offended,” I say, “Whatever. I’m saving myself for Liam.”

“If you start dating my boss-.”

“I am not going to start dating your boss.”

Nikki’s phone beeps. “Oh it’s Peter. He says I can start work Monday!”

“Congrats!”I say, yawning. I see a glow from Kaulena’s phone that is in her back pocket. From the part the was sticking out, I could see she had a message. I smile, “Looks like Kaulena got a text too.”

Kaulena pulls out her phone and blushes. I wolf howl and Nikki yells at me.”That better not be Peter.”

“It just says hi. Relax,” Kaulena says.

“It better just say hi.”

“Is Nikki jealous?” I ask laughing.

“Shut up. I am not. It’s just weird if my boss dates my best friend.”

“You are so ridiculous,” Kaulena says laughing and going to her room.

“Hey, look at the bright side,” I say, “Maybe you will get a raise.”

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