Sky Dreamers

Just something i started to write. It's gonna be slow at the begining but wait cause there's a twist.


2. Stranger

      When the four of them arrived at the park they all went there seperate ways. Ash and Sean were sitting at a park bench talking about video games. Sky was wrestling with Lux and Skylar was gazing up at the clouds. Out of the corner of her eye Skylar could see a strange man walking towards her. He looked like the same guy she ran into in th hall at school. Something about the way he was walking made her feel uneasy. She decided to stand up and start to walk towards her brother. Just then he started to run so she did the same. Only he was faster and cauhgt up before she reached Sky.

      The stranger picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. She started to scream frantically. She looked over at Sky and noticed a strange women coming in behind him with a gag. So she shouted to warn him. Luckily he heard her and noticed that some guy was carrying her away. Sky shouted at Ash and Sean and all three of them including Lux ran after the strange man. Skylar voice became quieter with each scream. Finally the boys caught up.

      Sean jumped on the guy Sky pinned him down and Ash ripped Skylar free of his grasp. Sky sat on the stranger while Sean called the cops. Ash was checking to make sure Skylar was okay. Luckily she had not gotten any wounds. She was just in a state of shock. When the cops showed up the four told there story and were sent home. Skylar just went to bed still in shock. Sky was restless and decided to go up on the roof.

     Looking up at the stars and thinking about what happened that day Sky started to feel a pain on his shoulder. It was the same shoulder that had the birthmark. He didn't think it was a big deal. He just thought it was because of the fight with the stranger. While they were at the police station the twins learned that the stranger's name was Jonah. He was nineteen and lived in British Columbia.

    When Sky went inside he decided to look at his shoulder in the mirror. To his shock his cresent shaped birthmark was illuminating the colour of the moon. He noticed something moving behind him in the mirror. He turned around and was suprised to see a women about nineteen years old standing behind him. She held a cloth up to his face. It was soaked with cloroform and the room faded into what seemed like a black abyss.

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