Sky Dreamers

Just something i started to write. It's gonna be slow at the begining but wait cause there's a twist.


3. Missing

Skylar had just finished explaining what happened that day to her aunt. She was tired and wanted to just go to sleep. First she had to thank her brother though. She knew he had hurt his shoulder so she also wanted to check up on him.


She walked into his room to find his window wide open letting the cool breeze in. She walked over to the window and noticed that there was a piece of torn cloth stuck in the frame. She looked over to the flat roof where she would usually find Sky but all that was there was his telescope. She continued to look all over the house for him. When she checked his bathroom she found his cell phone.


Now she began to worry. Where was he? Was he okay? Why is his phone in the bathroom when he always has it on him?




Sky woke up in a dark room. It smelled like wet moss from a rainforest. The air was humid and warm. It was almost too thick to breath. There was a small barred window about 10 meters above him. The window didn’t allow much light in but since it was night and the moon was shining bright he could see just fine. His mom used to call him a night owl cause he could see in the dark as though it was only sunset.


He heard a distant dripping sound as though a tap was leaking. The dripping wasn’t overly loud and it had a steady beat. His stomach was empty and making growling sounds. The sound echoed like he was in a cave or tunnel. Just then he heard distant footsteps heading tomorrow. Each one had an echo and each one was louder then the last.


Suddenly the footsteps stopped. He heard a faint sound that sounded like a switch being flipped. Sure enough some lights flicked on above his head. The light blinded him. It took a second for his eyes to adjust. When they did he noticed he was strapped to an old wooden chair. It almost felt as though the legs were rotted and were going to collapse at any moment.


He looked around him and found that he was in fact in a tunnel. The walls had moss and water covering them, which would explain the smell. At his feet was at least 4 inches of muddy water. Then his noticed the people. About 40 meters away was two figures.


“What do you want with me?” He shouted.


“Shhhhhh” the smaller figured replied.


“Tell me why I’m here” Sky shouted.


The taller figure that was probably a male walked over and smacked him. Then the room went black.

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