Sky Dreamers

Just something i started to write. It's gonna be slow at the begining but wait cause there's a twist.


1. Being Normal


     It was a particularly rainy day when Mr. and Ms. Whitfield got in there accident. They were coming home from there relatives house that lived in Moncton, New Brunswick. Driving across the P.E.I Bridge was hard enough but to add on to that the day before, the head lights on the car had burnt out. This meant that they were driving blindly across the bridge. They were half way across when a drunk driver rammed into them. Causing the car to roll over the edge and send the couple plummeting to there death.




         It was late on a Wednesday night Sky Whitefield was sitting on his roof. He would often come up here to think and gaze at the star infested skies. His favourite part of the day was nightfall. His parents used to say the reason was because of his birthmark. It was located on his left shoulder blade and was about the size of a loonie. It was the shape of the moon but it had an intricate design in the center. His friends thought it must have to be a tattoo, the only thing keeping that thought reality was the fact that he’s had it his whole life.


        Sky was six foot four inches and had short brown hair and sky blue eyes. Sometimes when he got super angry his friends could swear his eyes went thunder cloud grey. He was the smartest kid in his grade eleven class.  He also had a twin and her name was skylar.  She was five foot 2 inches and also had Brown hair. The only difference was that her hair had a whitish blonde streak that covered her face like bangs. Her hair had been this way since she was a baby. Her birthmark was also on her left shoulder blade but it was a sun and had the same intricate design as sky’s birthmark did. At school she was the most popular girl. Every boy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her.  Just then Skylar emerged from Sky’s window


“Common time to come in” she said.


 “Okay I’ll just be a second” He replied.




         Ring! Ring! Ring! The warning bell rang for school to begin. Skylar realized she was going to be late for class. By the time she closed her locker the hallway was empty. She ran down the hall towards her next class and rounding the corner she ran into someone. She looked up at the person and realized that she had never seen him before, and she knew everyone who went to her school. He was five foot ten and was wearing a black leather jacket that was now soaked in what looked like coffee.


“I’m so sorry” Skylar said.


“It’s no problem” He replied casually.

“Okay, well I got to get to class” She said then continued to run down the hall.


        All class all she could think about was that stranger. Who was he? Why was he at this school? He couldn’t be a new student. She would know that at least. About half way through class she just stopped caring. It was at this point that she wished that she was lying outside underneath her parents willow tree. The tree was planted when her parents got married and was really important to the twins. When they were little they would climb on it all day every day. Now it symbolized their parents.


        Finally school was over. This meant that Skylar and Sky would visit their parent’s grave to tell them about their day. It had become a sort of ritual ever since the accident. After this they would go off and do their separate things. Skylar would go to the mall because it was Thursday and that’s when all the new clothes were released in stores. Also it was her pre birthday gift from her aunt. She was aloud to spend up to 200 dollars. Sky would go to the skate park with his friends.


        Sky met up with his friends Sean and Ash. Sean was about an inch taller then Sky and also had brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. Ash was two inches shorter then Sky and had ash blonde hair with bright green eyes. The three of them had no intentions of actually skating. They were going to do what they always did on Thursdays which was follow Skylar and Serena around the mall. Serena was the same height as Skylar and had the same brown hair the difference was that she had sea green eyes. Also she was British and the second smartest person there class.


“ Hey Sean is it just me or does Skylar get better looking every time we see her?” Ash asked.


“Gross, you’re talking about my sister!” Sky exclaimed.


“Hey! Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault she’s hot” Ash replied.


“Common guys time to go” Sean said trying not to laugh.


       Shortly after Sky arrived home his aunt and sister got home. His aunt was a five foot tall redhead with glasses and blue eyes. Her first name was Lindsay and she was the twin’s dad’s sister. The twin’s would often call her aunt Lind though. Tomorrow was the twins 17th birthday. Sky had asked for a golden retriever puppy. Skylar had already gotten her gift earlier that day.



        Tonight when Sky was on the roof Skylar was helping Lindsay down stairs with Sky’s gift. During school Lindsay was going to move the gift from the garage to Sky’s room. This was where it was going to wait for him until after school.


       The next day when Sky got home from school he was surprised to see his Uncle Peter sitting in his living room. He was surprised for two reasons. One that Lindsay had even let him in the house and two because the twin’s hadn’t seen him since their parent’s funeral.


“Hey Sky, long time no see. And man have you ever gotten tall!” He said.


“Ya it has and thanks” Sky replied.


“Why don’t you go clean up before dinner” Lindsay suggested.


        Just then Sky heard a bark come from upstairs. He ran up the stairs taking them two at a time. Opening the door he found the cutest golden retriever puppy. She had beautiful sea blue eyes and the softest fur. Sky decided to call her Lux because it was his mother’s name. The whole time the family was out for dinner he couldn’t stop thinking about his new puppy waiting for him at home.


      The next day the boys were hangings out in the back yard with Lux. Skylar was just coming home from Serena’s when she noticed that Ash was over. She had a huge crush on him ever since grade three. She decided to go over and talk to the boys.


“Hey guys” She said casually.


“Hey, how goes?” Ash asked.


“Pretty good. Do you guys want to take Lux to the park?” She asked.


“Sure” Sky replied.


“Great I’ll give you a ride” She said.

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