When Lauren finds her past in her hometown she remembers her cousin, her ex, her cousins four friends, her aunt Anne, her ex best friend, and her enemy, will she be able to handle the new stress, or will someone be able to save her from the pain.


2. The recovery

As I layed in the hospital bed I looked around and couldn't find my dad. "Where is dad?" I asked harry. "He found you and he thought you were dead so he went and got drunk." Harry said then I got sick to my stomach. I always hated him. He always portrayed me. I looked around the room again. Then I saw 4 boys. They were my cousin Harry's best friends. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn! "Hey guys!" I screamed. They hugged me and my eyes met nialls! His eyes had to get even more blue than ever before, he looked so hot! What was I saying? I just needed to get out of here before I thought of anything. Harry kissed me on the forehead and walked out. "No don't leave me harry!" I called after him. He returned with the doctor. She unhooked me from the machine and I was released that afternoon. The boys took me to the mall with them. We had a lot of fun. "Hey Lar, your dad called." Harr said hanging up the phone. "What did he want?" I questioned. "He said he took a flight to Iowa and he's not coming back. You will have to live with me and my mom." I felt joy in me I loved Harry and aunt Anne. Then I saw Niall getting super happy the other boys didn't care do much but Niall got happy! We walked around the mall a little longer and then I saw him, my ex boyfriend Rob, he was with my ex bestfriend, Nicole. Then I looked next to Nicole and saw my enemy Julie. What a coincidence a triple trouble right in front of me. I hated all three of them. Harry knew I was sensitive he knew I was about to cry they made me start cutting and harry was the only way I would stop. Harry whispered something in the boys ears I think he said protect her and know I knew why, he went up and punched rob, my ex boyfriend who abused me, square in the nose. They all walked off and harry wrapped me in a hug as he saw me about to cry. "Too many memories!" I squealed while crying. "I wanna go home!" I said through tears. "You are home, and I'm here for you!" He said to me "also you have Niall, I know you guys like each other!" He said "and you have the rest of the boys too!" I smiled at this because he knew me so well.
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