When Lauren finds her past in her hometown she remembers her cousin, her ex, her cousins four friends, her aunt Anne, her ex best friend, and her enemy, will she be able to handle the new stress, or will someone be able to save her from the pain.


1. The move

"Dad I'm not leaving the house!" I screamed in tears. "Lauren you have to!!" He screamed. "I can't!" "Why not!?" "Too many memories!" I said now in a whisper with so many tears in my eyes. I walked out of my room and went to the bathroom. "Where are you going?" My step father asked. "taking a bath! Got a problem?" I said as I laid into the bath tub. I pulled out an old knife box. I picked one out and wrote on my arm, "HOPELESS" I remember blacking out and waking up in the arms of? Who was this? I knew him but wasn't sure where from. Then I saw HARRY! OMG it was harry! I looked down at my arm and started to feel dizzy. I hugged harry tight as I blacked out again. The blood loss was really getting to me. I was crazier than ever, and I just, I just, wanted to talk to harry..............3 hours later I woke up again, still in Harry's arms, still at the hospital, still had some machine hooked up to me. "You know you could've died." Harry told me. "Maybe next time I will!" I said optimistically. " don't say that!" He replied. "I love you harry." I told my cousin. "Love you too Lar," we had our nicknames. His was haz, mine was Lar. He knew how hard my life always was, and he knew how hard it was on me moving around all the time. My dad thought my hometown would help me.... Yeah right! Harry was always there for me, until I moved away. He will be there for me know. He was super protective and that's why I love him so much! Cuz he loves me.
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