Just a typical day

Olivia Wynn was just a normal girl. She just moved down to London a couple months ago for New York city and has a part time job at Starbucks and lives in a old run, down apartment and barely making it by. One day, on a cool fall day, Olivia meets someone she never thought of even meeting. After that day, she gets to know more of him, and starts falling in love. She doesn't want to because she knows the consiquences. Even though she can't help but to fall in love with Harry Styles.


3. Getting ready.


I woke up the next morning, Olivia still on my mind. I dreamed about her last night. We went on our first date, I picked her up and she looked as beautiful as she did in real life, then I toke her on a romatic date on the beach. I set up a picnic and some candles and we talked for a while, then went for a swim underneath the moonlight and stars, my idea of a perfect date. Then it hit me! That's what I would do for our first date.

I jumped out of bed. I put on a pair of sweatpants, and combed my hair that was sticking straight up. I walked into the hallway where there Louis was cooking breakfast and the rest of the lads sitting on the couch watching Spongebob.

"Well good morning sunshine!!" Louis practically screamed. He put a piece of burnt toast, and eggs that looked very dry. I looked down at the plate, then at Louis again. Louis laughed, "Now Harry you know I can't cook."

I laughed, then sat down with the boys on the couch. Niall immedietly looked at my plate and started sniffling.

"Here," I chuckled while giving him my toast.

"THANK YOU!" He shouted, then toke a big bite out of the toast.

We all laughed for a moment. "So Harry, you got any plans tonight?" Liam asked me.


"Oh okay, I was just seeing if you wanted to come with me and Zayn tonight to go see a movie." He said. I gave him a sorry look.

"What do you have planned?" Zayn asked me.

"I'm going on a date." I told him, I was taking pride in it too. I wasn't planning on it being 'one night stand' thats the least thing I wanted to do to Olivia the only thing right now, I wanted to do was get to know her and little bit better and have some fun.

They all 'Ohhh' then asked with who. "With this girl named Olivia, I meant her at Starbucks yesterday." I said.

"Ohhhh! That girl you wouldn't stop talking about ever since you came home until you went to bed." Louis teased. The boys all laughed. I felt a little embrassed but got over it fast. She was gorgeous though. Her long brown hair and brown eyes and her tan skin and adorable American accent. I got butterflies just thinking about her! I looked at the time, it was 12:30 pm. I knew I had to go make arrangments for the date tonight. I jumped off the couch.

"I have to go now, see you guys tomorrow at the Brett and Mackey's show. Louis I'll see you tonight." I said, they all said goodbye back, then I got dressed and starting putting together my plan.


I walked past the shops and little boutiques, searching for the right thing to wear. Even if this doesn't go somewhere or he just felt bad for me and wanted to take me out for a date, I still wanted to look decent. I saw a store called, "Wendys." And went inside. As soon as I did so, I saw the perfect thing to wear! It was a blue dress that looked like it would go to the top of my knees atleast then it was like plain and strapless. But there was something about it I like. I grabbed it and bought it not bothering to worry about the price. As soon as I got it, I headed home.

I toke a long shower, shaving my legs and deep conditioning my hair. I got out and put on my everyday makeup look, and curled my hair. When it was almost 6, I put on my black heels and my little hand bag. As soon as I was about ready, there was knock at the door.


Note- Sorry, about this crappy chapter, the next few chapters will get a ALOT better! Thank you everyone who is reading this..(:


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