Just a typical day

Olivia Wynn was just a normal girl. She just moved down to London a couple months ago for New York city and has a part time job at Starbucks and lives in a old run, down apartment and barely making it by. One day, on a cool fall day, Olivia meets someone she never thought of even meeting. After that day, she gets to know more of him, and starts falling in love. She doesn't want to because she knows the consiquences. Even though she can't help but to fall in love with Harry Styles.


2. Best phone call of my life.

There were no customers the rest of the night. After Harry came in, I haven't even thought straight. I tripped over random stuff twice. I could barely speak. I didn't know why I was acting like this.

I toke a cab home after I got done with work. When I got home, I toke a quick shower and dressed in my pajamas. I was walking to the fridge. I was so straving, I was more focused on food that I forgot about Harry. I got an apple and some milk and sat on the counter. I saw the paper on the counter. I jumped off my stool and grabbed my cell phone and turned down the TV that was on some gossip stuff. I sat there for a mintute. Should I call him? Ugh! I didn't know what to do, he probably just felt sorry for me.

I dialed in his number and sat there for about 5 more mintues. Waiting, I don't know what for though. Finally, I followed my instinct and pressed call.

1 ring....

2 ring...

"Hello?" Harry said. God, why was his voice so sexy.

"Hi, this is Olivia, you told me to call you. I was at Starbucks." I said that just so he would atleast remember me maybe.

"Oh hey! I was hoping you would call sometime tonight!" He chucked. I couldn't help but laugh at how cheeky he is, "So, I was wondering if you would like to go on a date tomorrow night?" He asked me with a little nervouness in his voice. I thought for a second. Even though I already knew the answer.

"I would love too!" I exclamied. I was smiling ear to ear. He was so sweet, and cute.

"Okay! I will be at your house around 6 tomorrow night, text me your adderess." He said.

"I will." I said.

"Good, can't wait to see you babe!" He said, I could imagine him winking if this in person. This was by far, one of the best phone call of me life.

I laughed, then said, "Bye Harry." I hung up. I put my phone down, and turned off the lights and TV in my house, then went to bed. I drifted off into a deep sleep thinking about Harry and how tomorrow would be.

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