My name is Lize.I am a bully,I have black hair,tan,good body,single,pearl white teeth,I am a A+ student,but I pretend to get a F- for my friends.Will Lize and Niall fall in love?Or will Lize stay the same?Find out!!


3. The date.

Lisa's P.O.V.

I got on a sexy dress and high heels.I drnk some beer,smoked,and took some drugs am hide them.~Knock Knock~I ran to the door and saw Jermany."Jermany!@I said while grabbing him and taking him up to m room."Hey Lisa!"He said.He lyied me down.

~1 hour later~

Me and him were sweating like crazy.I got back o my dress."I am gonna fake a shower after me the. You"I told Jermany."Ok babe."He said.I took a quick shower and got in my 100% silk nikgown.I walked out and Jermany went in.I waited for him

~A few weeks later.~

So Jermany moved into my house,I stopped doing drugs,smoking,and drinking.I am no longer a bully!!!"Jermany,I love you!"I told Jermany while kissing him."I love you even more Lisa."He said while slipping his tonge thur my mouth.I putted on everything expect for clothes.
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