My name is Lize.I am a bully,I have black hair,tan,good body,single,pearl white teeth,I am a A+ student,but I pretend to get a F- for my friends.Will Lize and Niall fall in love?Or will Lize stay the same?Find out!!


7. Jessie.....

Lisa's P.O.V.

So my other ex-boyfriend,who I cry every night for his name is Jessie."Jermany,I love you!"I said while kissing me."I love you more,more then everything!"He said.I kept on thinking about Jessie an before you knew it I was crying."Whats wrong?"He asked."I have a ex His name was Jessie and you knew him:-("I told him.He then hugged me ad I kissed him."Hey forget him,I know he moved away but I'm here for you."He said while kissing me longer.
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