My name is Lize.I am a bully,I have black hair,tan,good body,single,pearl white teeth,I am a A+ student,but I pretend to get a F- for my friends.Will Lize and Niall fall in love?Or will Lize stay the same?Find out!!


5. Jermany💗

Lisa's P.O.V.

I grabbed me and Jermany some pancakes,sasuge,bacon,banana,and toast."Thnx Lisa!"Jermany said while kissing me on the cheek."Yw"I said while kissing him on his forhead.I ate faster then Jermany."I won!"I said to Jermany."Your a cheater!!"Jermany said while ticking me.I was laughing like crazy."Jermany!!Your so glad I love you!"I said to him while kissing him.I looked nice today.I actally had left over drugs in my room.I ran upstairs smoked on the porch.After that drank a little,and after that I took some drugs.Jermany saw me and took them away."Sorry honey,just that there addicting!"I said to him."Well your quiting!!!"Jermany said while peckin my lips.��������������������I kissed him and he picked me up and putted me down and we started talking,joking around,kissing,and watching movies.

A/N:Sorry if this chapter is too short going to bed.Goodnight!
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