My name is Lize.I am a bully,I have black hair,tan,good body,single,pearl white teeth,I am a A+ student,but I pretend to get a F- for my friends.Will Lize and Niall fall in love?Or will Lize stay the same?Find out!!


1. Bully

Lise's P.O.V.

I am a bully,take drugs,drink,smoke,tan,blonde hair,good body,pearl white teeth,got alot of detentions,alot suspensions,got into jail 2 times,woke up at 8:00 pm.I saw my new tatoo.Took a shower,putted on makeup,perfume,lotion,blow dryed my hair,took some drugs,smoked,drinked,brushed my teeth,and finally got on:!!!
I went downstairs,ate breakfast,got my iPod 4,my backpack,leather boots on,leather jacket,and finally got my car keys.Went outside and looked my door.Unlocked my car,got in,belted my seatbelt,turned on my red mustang,pulled down my window,turned on my radio,and then pulled out.I arrive at school ad saw a huge crowd around a boy!Oh it's Niall.I ran up to my ex-bf (Kyle) and pushed him onto a wall.I punched him,kicked him,slapped him,and brayed him."What was that for Lisa??"He aske while bleeding badly."Cause you cheathed on me!!"I said while the princal took me to the office while Niall came.We got to her office."Now Lisa,I know that Kyle hurt you but you do not hurt him back!"Mrs.Anders said."Ok."I said bout to walk out but until someone grabbed my wrist.I soon pushed away who ever did that."Sorry Lisa but why did you do that?"He said while I grabbed some pot (Drugs) out."What,your taking drugs!!"He said."Yeah I smoke,drink,take drugs,an I am a bully!And Kyle hurted me so I hurte him back!"I said."Bye loser!"I said to a nerd who passed by."But don't be a bully!"Niall said while holding my hand."Get off of me and you don't tell me what to do!!"I said while punching him in the stomach."Ow."He said."Now bye."I said while walking away with my 2 guy best friends and 1 of my girl best friends.
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