Finally it's the day you go to the One Direction concert!! But it may take you and your friends some time to actually GET THERE. You find yourself falling for Liam and going on big adventures in life.


6. Ch.6 am I dreaming?

When yall get to your table liam pulls out Your chair, such a gentleman. U thought as u smiled at him As everyone is eating u realize, your hanging out with your favorite band, and u weren't dead. It was all so surreal. When y'all were finished and walked out you feel Liam slip a paper in your hand, u turn towards him and he winks. U stand there speechless. After y'all said bye to the boys you all go back to Kasey's house. "tonight, was amazing." Jewel said. "more than that!" I said. U were so happy you completely forgot about the paper u didn't even realize you were still holding it. U open it up and it was his number. U just stood there, flabbergasted. U look up at your to friends. "Liam's, number?" u say. they look at you. After a few minutes went by kasey yelled, "Well?? Text him!" "u sure? I don't wanna seem clingy, or annoying. Well maybe I should I mea....." jewel stopped my jibber jabber. "do it! U nod your head and add the number to your contacts. And texted the word "hey" u turn to your friends and say, "Guys, I'm texting Liam Payne."
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