Finally it's the day you go to the One Direction concert!! But it may take you and your friends some time to actually GET THERE. You find yourself falling for Liam and going on big adventures in life.


5. Ch.5 The Lads

The concert was better than u could of ever dreamed! The boys sang wonderful, just like angels. When the concert was over u did just what Roger told u to do, just sit there. About 20 minutes went by when jewel bursted out. "how much longer do we have to wait?? It's killing me!" "I know me too" u said. Finally another 10 minutes later u see Roger heading towards y'all. "hey girls! How was it!!" before u could get a word out kasey said, "the most amazing night EVER!" u and jewel nodded in agreement. "well good. U ready to meet the boys" "Yes sir!" u say. He leads y'all down some hallways and stairs when finally u stop at a door, Roger opened the door, and standing there, we're One Direction. "hello loves" says Harry. U and ur friends could barely get the words out.
"h-hello." u all manage to say. "they seem to be a bit nervous don't they lads?" said Zayn. Y'all can't help but smile. U and the boys get to talking and u notice Liam keeps staring at you. It's probably just in my head. You think. "so, u 3 girls want to go get some food?" Niall asked. "sure!" said Kasey. U were stunned.

As u are getting into the van Liam says to u, "please sit by me." "o-ok" you've never been good with boys or being around them so you feel a little awkward. "Where are we eating exactly?" Jewel ask. "Nandos!" Niall replies. That's not a surprise. Y'all finally arrive to Nandos and u get out, but being your clumsy self u trip and almost fall to the ground, but u feel strong arms catch u by the waist, u turn around and u see Liam holding u smiling. he helps u back up "thank you." "anytime love." he says still smiling. He was even more beautiful in person, no photo could capture the beauty. And they way he smiled, it made u melt. Your thoughts are interrupted by Niall saying, "I'm hungry. Let's go eat!"
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