Finally it's the day you go to the One Direction concert!! But it may take you and your friends some time to actually GET THERE. You find yourself falling for Liam and going on big adventures in life.


4. Ch.4 Let It Begin

As y'all are driving along u notice lots of traffic. "uhhhhhh, I can't stand traffic!" said kasey. "but it's so worth it!!!" said jewel. you all agree with jewel. "I can't wait to see Zayn!" "and I can't wait to see Niall!" ur friends chatted together. U sit there thinking about gorgeous Liam. But he would never go for someone like u. Ur interrupted when u hear jewel scream, "I SEE IT, THE ARENA!!" "omg look One Direction are probably in that arena right now!" u add. None of y'all could wait. Y'all were super excited!

"the man on the phone said to ask for Roger when we show them are tickets." said kasey. Y'all walk up to the ticket only area to hand in ur tickets. "can we please see roger?" u asked. The man leaned in really close to u and barked, "now why do YOU need Roger?" u back away slowly. Jewel finished for u, "they mixed up our tickets and told us to ask for Roger." "well ok then, follow me." he lead y'all into a hallway and down some stairs. Y'all finally get to your destination and the man leaves. "hello? Roger?" then a man comes out from one of the doors. "Hello, did I speech to u on the phone today?" he asked. "yes sir" said kasey. "it's nice to meet u in person, now let's not waste any time, I'll show y'all ur seats" y'all squeal with excitement. Roger shows y'all ur seats, only about 8 rows from the front, ALOT better than ur other seats. "they are AWESOME!" U say. Ur friends agree. Only a little bit longer before One Direction preform, u can't contain your excitement.
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