Finally it's the day you go to the One Direction concert!! But it may take you and your friends some time to actually GET THERE. You find yourself falling for Liam and going on big adventures in life.


3. Ch.3 Up all night!

U pull up to kasey's house and walk up to the door. u didn't even touch the doorbell before kasey and jewel bust the door open and pulled u in. U could hear 1D blasting from kasey's room. "Aren't u excited?!" Asked jewel very happily. "Duh I am!!" Then kasey said "ok so we need to leave in 2 hours lets not waste time!!" so y'all all scramble to her room.

U finally decide what to wear, a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and your converse. Just like ur favorite boy Liam. "can y'all believe we're going to meet the boys?!" asked jewel "nooooooo! I'm soooo excited!!!" u reply. kasey added in, "maybe Kevin will be there!" y'all all giggle at her joke. This was going to be the best night ever!! U and ur friends leave for the concert jamming out the 1D singing along with yalls not so best singing voices. U couldnt wait, it's was going to be amazing
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