Finally it's the day you go to the One Direction concert!! But it may take you and your friends some time to actually GET THERE. You find yourself falling for Liam and going on big adventures in life.


2. Ch.2 Miracles are real

" Ur joking right?" asked jewel. "sadly no" "and they're not doing anything about it?" she shook her head. Ur still standing there in shock, can barely breath. "this isn't fair!" jewel says "i know but what can we do about it? Y/N are u ok?" "no. I'm just, just, I need to go to class. I'm Srry" then u walk off with the ground crumbling beneath u.

U can't even concentrate in any of ur classes neither could kasey and jewel. Finally it's lunchtime and u hope it will cheer u up because lunch is always fun. U and ur friends just sit there, not speaking when all the sudden kasey gets a call. "hello? What? Seriously?" she left the table and u and jewel look up at kasey. All the sudden a smile explodes on her face "REALLY?" then she thanks the man and hung up. "GUESS WHAT" u and jewel both say what at the same time. "that was one directions manager, they found us some seats, and they feel bad about the mishap so there letting us meet 1D!!" "ur lying" u said. "no I'm not. Seriously we're meeting one direction TONIGHT!" y'all stare in amazement then just totally freak out, screaming and jumping. But they y'all realized the whole cafeteria was staring at y'all. Embarressed u say "Srry." and turn back to ur friends.
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