Finally it's the day you go to the One Direction concert!! But it may take you and your friends some time to actually GET THERE. You find yourself falling for Liam and going on big adventures in life.


1. Ch.1 Shocked

It's finally the day, u and ur best friends r going to the one direction concert! U have been waiting for this day FOREVER! U can't wait to see ur friends kasey and jewel at skool. U quickly jump out of ur bed and walk into ur bathroom and examine ur hair damage, horrible. U turn on ur straightener and head back into ur room. U slip on some clothes and begin to straighten ur hair. U were so pumped!! The One Direction concert is finally here!

The moment u get to skool jewel greets u at ur car door, "omg I seriously can't wait!" she says. "I know me neither! Do u know where kasey is?" y'all both look around, she shakes her head. "hmm" u say, "she's usually here by now" but just as u say that u see her running from the school building, "Guys, GUYS! Bad news" u and jewel exchange glances. "we can't go tonight, the overbooked the concert" u just stare at kasey with ur heart broken, ur dream crushed.
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