Almost dead

When Zayn and Mardra get married,They move in with each other..
It turns out the house is haunted.Will they die or be saved by the love for one another?��READ ON TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HOUSE!!


10. Why does this always happen to us!?


After Mardra left I called baby lux's mom and asked if Lux wanted to come over and play.
When they got here we talked for a little bit."what time are you coming to pick Lux up?" I ask her."umm.....around 3:00." She answered"ok see you soon" I said
"Have fun!" She replys.


I have a million things going through my he ok? Did he get hurt?
I arrive at the house and walk in SLOWLY. "Zayn?" I yell
"Zayn are you here!" I yell."Stop playing around Zayn come on!" I scream.
I hear him run down the stairs. He stops at the bottom. I run to him and kiss him and hug him.
"Babe are you aright?" I ask "You have to leave he says with a tear running down his cheak.
"Why?! What's wrong?" I ask "Please you just..." He starts to say but I cut him off by me screaming at the top of my lungs.i felt a sharp pain in my leg and fall to the ground.
"YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!" I heard some one say but it wasn't Zayns. I look down at my leg and. Fine a knife stuck in it. "DON'T TOUCH HER!" Zayn says running torwards me.
He pulled the knife out and took off his shirt and tied in around my my leg.
The next thing I know he's being pulled up the stairs into a bed room. I couldn't mor so I could go up the stairs. I hear Zayn scream at the top of his lungs so much. What is it doing to the love of my life.what is it doing to Zayn. He hasn't done anything to make this happen.
Will he live! Will he die?
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