Almost dead

When Zayn and Mardra get married,They move in with each other..
It turns out the house is haunted.Will they die or be saved by the love for one another?��READ ON TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HOUSE!!


14. Who's next?


"W..Wh..What!" I hear her say. I run to her and hold her tight. She crys and crys and crys and crys."Babe it's alright,we're gonna be ok." I tell her.she hugs me even tighter.
I pick her up and walk her out of the hosbital.
We got into the parking lot and I put her into the car.
The drive home was so long it felt like it too 2 hours to get home.Cars were honking,people were yelling. My mind was racing,who shot Mardra?
We got back home. I put her on the couch. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. Her long eye lashing are still , she has Rosy checks,her lips look so soft.I kiss them. I put a brown furry blanket on her so she will be cozy.I hear something drop in the kitchen.i walk in to find Mardras mother tied up to a kitchen chair,duck tape over her mouth.Tears streaming down her face,bloodshot.i look over and see Braden with a knife,knifing at one if our naibors.
The naibors stomach,well you couldn't even see her was all pink and red meat,and bones.Her bones were yellow.Blood was all over the floor and the cabinets.Braden turns around"Daddy,me and my friend are playing a game!" He says smiling.
"Who's your friend?" I ask him he's right be behind you.I Turn around and see nothing.
"Honey there's nobody there." I tell him
"YES THERE IS!!" He yells
Which brings to Mardra waking up. She comes in and screams .i hold her hand.
Mardra starts to walk torwards her mom."DO NOT TOUCH HER!" Braden screams walking torwards Mardra with the knife.Mardra runs back to Zayn."Why" I ask. "Because she's next." He's says."No...No no no no no!" Mardra yells.Braden walks up to Mardras mom,he looks her strait in the eye he smiles as evil smiles and slices her neck.You see her neck fall back behind the chair.You can kinda see the brain. It's pink.Theres blood everywhere now. And I mean everywhere."Who wants to go next?" Braden says walking torwards us.
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