Almost dead

When Zayn and Mardra get married,They move in with each other..
It turns out the house is haunted.Will they die or be saved by the love for one another?��READ ON TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HOUSE!!


7. This is it


" Seriously?" I say to Mardra.
"Zayn, dont play around with me. JUST GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!" Mardra screams. I slam my foot on the pedal and speed to hospital. The whole time, Mardra was groning. I sped into the hospital carpark and helped her out of the car. We ran into the hospital as fast as we could and the nurse took her.
"Zayn?" Mardra said before leaving, "i love you"
"I love you too." I say and kiss her cheek. The nurse wheels her to the room. I sit on a chair in thw waiting room. I put my head in my hands
"Hello Zayn.." I hear a voice say. I look up. No one is there. No one is in the waiting room either.
"Whos there?" I say.
"Dont you remember me?" The voice says And i turn around.
"No....How'd you find me?" I ask
"I've been keeping a close eye on you and your wife, and now im here to claim what is rightfully mine" the figure standing in front of me says.
"Don't you remember? When you were about 3 years old, you needed a friend, so you called me! You made a very promise that if i would be your friend you would give me something in return.
"Its you! You've been creeping us out at our new house!" I realise.
"Ohh yes that was me and my colleugs. Anywho, i said that you will give me your first born child. LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW!"
" NOT GIVING YOU THE BABY!!!" I scream at him and throw a punch. He vanishes into thin air.
"No....where'd you go? SHOW YOURSELF!" I scream into the corridor.
I hear him chuckle behind me and i spin. Hes standing at Mardras door.
He smiles, waves and walks in.
I tried to run after him, but after one step i fall.
Down down down into a big black hole.
Then finally, i hit the ground
It was a dream! Good
She came out with the baby and we left the hosbital
On our way home I totally forgot about the demon.
"Are you fine with us going to Harry's to stay the night because of the demon.?"
I ask her. "Yeah sure can we please stop and get some things first she says. "Yeah " I say.
"But we are
Leaving the baby in te car.( the baby's a boy his name is :Braden Andrew Malik)
We get to the house and we run into the house.

When we get into the house I feel uncomfortable . Good thing we left the baby in the car.
I run and get the things then me and the baby would need for one or two weeks. In about 10 we were out the door. When we walk to the door I the car I see no baby in the back. "ZAYB WHERE THE BABY!?" I scream! "Oh not the demon!" We run up to Braden's room and hear a man and a women singing a song: hush little baby don't say a word mommys gonna buy you a mocking bird"
The the next this i know the doors open and a man is standing there with a knife in his had walking torwards us. "Don't touch us!" Zayn says. I look ino the room and I don't see Braden. I remember that u put him under the seat in the car so no one would get him. We were trapped! On the wall to his bedroom I see in bloody red writin that says" Almost Dead"
We're we going to make it out I this house alive,or will we die!
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