Almost dead

When Zayn and Mardra get married,They move in with each other..
It turns out the house is haunted.Will they die or be saved by the love for one another?��READ ON TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HOUSE!!


3. Can wait for it to come out!

ZAYNS PRO, When I wake up I find Mardra still sleeping I snuggle closer to her. I love her so much. I'm so glad were married. I start to sing to her. "Shut the door,turn the lights off,I wanna be with you, I wanna feels your love, I wanna lay beside you I can not hide this even though I try" I sand She sings the next part"heart beats harder time escapes me." Your beautiful" I say kissing her. We snuggle for about another hour then we go out to eat. MARDRA PRO, 3 weeks later.... I set I not on me and Zayns bed that says: "hi daddy I can't wait to meet you!! I love you soo much"-baby in mommy stomach. I thought it was a fun idea. He came up behind me. " can't wait babe" he says I know sweetheart, I'm so exited for the new baby " I say back kissing him. We kiss for awhile. 9 months stomach is huge! "I want this baby out now!" I whisper yell into Zayns ear as we lay in bed."yeah I do it because I can't get the close to you to cuddle and snuggle up with when I'm lonley at night babe" he says with a pouty face. "What do you want for lunch Hun " he asks. "ICECREAM!!!" I yell! "On the way Mrs.Malik" he says runnin to the kitchen.

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