Almost dead

When Zayn and Mardra get married,They move in with each other..
It turns out the house is haunted.Will they die or be saved by the love for one another?��READ ON TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HOUSE!!



Thanks to everyone who is supporting us with writing this book! It means so much to us!
We LOVE to read comments.Im Macydoodle talking right now but my real name is Macy:)
I will try to write a chapter everyday but because of school it's going to be hard with all of the HW:) on the weekends I might be able to write 2 chapters a day but not sure:) The other girls have there own books that their writing so they wot be able to write as many chapters:) but they will!
I really love seeing comments but I know everyone doesn't have an account:) an that's totally fine:)
Thanks to everyone and mostly my co authors you
Girls helped me out a lot:) THANKS SOO MUCH! Everyone has a wonderful day and don't let anyone bring you
Down, there just jealous of you! Have a great day! - Macy or Macy styles! Lol
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