I Will Survive One Direction

After surviving many life threatening experiences Kai thinks she can face down anything that life throws at her...even though inside shes broken. But once she meets One Direction she's not quite so sure. Will she survive the one thing she never thought she'd ever have to face? The one thing she prayed not to happen?


2. The Wrong Flight

I figured that he would put me down so I could get on my merry way. But when we got in the tunnel thing that takes us to the plane he put me down.

"I'm so sorry about this but please just act normal I have to get away from people, where are you going anyway?" the weirdo asks, who I now know is a guy.

"Ummm my families taking a vacation to California..."

"OH. Well uhh how do you feel about New York instead. Me and the boys are starting our world tour there. When we get there I can either send you on a plane to California, or send you back to England, your choice."

"Who the hell are you?!" I nearly scream because we're on the wrong plane going to the wrong city and I can't get off because their giving off the little 'please take your seats we're about to begin take off' speech. I'm scared out of my wits.

"I'm Harry Styles."

"Your kidding right? Harry Styles is in the new boy band that my 15 year old sister is obsessed with. You can't be him, can you."

"Wow that was not the reaction I was expecting. Most girls start screaming when they see me. It's nice to be with someone who doesn't even though not all fans do."

"Yes, well that's your problem not mine and I guess that you've now met a girl who won't swoon at the sight of you. If you had picked my sister up then yes she would, but not me sorry to disappoint."

If I'm going to be stuck sitting next to this guy the whole time this will be one long flight. I look for an empty seat that I can take. Of course the only one that's open is next to him just my luck. Fine then I can still come out on top. He won't make me like him. As soon as we land I'm getting on a plane and flying straight back to England. He's staring at me. What do you want Harry? The plane starts to move... uggggh this is the worst part. I grab the seat so hard my knuckles are most likely white and my eyes are squished shut. Something warm and soft and big encloses my hand and squeezes, Harry.



sorry the chapters are short right now but from now on their going to be 3 pages minimum. I had to get the story set up before I did longer ones. I hope that you like it! I'm going to try to update every Sunday and Wednesday just as an FYI.:D


ok fine maybe I can't make super long chapters. I need things to be segmented, so there will be a ton of shorter chapters.

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