I Will Survive One Direction

After surviving many life threatening experiences Kai thinks she can face down anything that life throws at her...even though inside shes broken. But once she meets One Direction she's not quite so sure. Will she survive the one thing she never thought she'd ever have to face? The one thing she prayed not to happen?


8. The interview

The next morning we pull into the parking lot of the Syco building. I get out and grab my guitar.

"Why'd you have to wear something so simple, your supposed to impress these people," Kelsey complains.

So says the slut in the belly shirt, shorts that show her butt, and her boobs hanging out of her shirt. I roll my eyes. I'm being me, modest too. I finally had decided on a pair of Miss Me jeans and a green Hawaiian flower shirt with a shoulder strap. Once in the lobby, I go over to the receptionists desk.

"Hello, I'm hear for an interview?"

"Miss Kai?"

"That's me."

"Fifth floor."

"Thank you."

Kelsey follows me into the elevator. At the fifth floor, we get out and take a look around. There's a tall man there beckoning us into a room. I walk in, Kelsey on my heels, walking into a room full of the boys of One Direction. Why me? WHY ME? My gaze wanders over to Harry, he looks at me and I quickly look away. The man says to sit and get situated.

"I'm Jerry, Miss Kai, do you have any particular song you want to sing?"

"Umm," Kelsey elbows me in the gut, hard, "Yeah actually I was hoping to sing Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat."

"Okay, Off you go."

I sing my song, once I start singing all of my nerves clam down and its just me and the song. I finish up, and look up. Jerry says he'll be back in a few minutes he's going to go take care of things to figure what's going to happen to me. I look at Niall, Mae's favorite. His eyes mesmerize me. Their exactly like hers. I stare at him, memories come flooding back, of when we were at the fair and I won her a stuffed animal, birthdays, all nighter's, everything. It must look like I'm undressing him with my eyes or something, but I just can't look away. Someone coughs and I yank my eyes away, everyones staring at me, I run out of the room and burst into tears.

Harry's pov

Kai ran out of the room.

"I felt like she was undressing me with her eyes," Niall says.

"I'll be right back," I say. I have to find her.

It doesn't take me long. Once outside of the room her sobs lead me straight to her hiding spot, behind the potted plant. Her head is in her hands and she's crying. I sit down next to her and start rubbing small circles into her back, trying to calm her down. She looks up at me.

"What's wrong Kai?"

"His eyes. His eyes, they were exactly like hers. The memories. They just came flooding back."

"Shhhh. Everything's going to be okay. You stay right here, I'll be right back."

I go back into the room and explain to the boys what happened. They already know all about her. I can't stop thinking about her, she must think that she can't trust me but what she doesn't know is that I tried for months to find her, she was just impossible to find.

"Why'd you go out there? She needs to get over herself. Trying to make everyone feel sorry for her, GOD Kai, grow up," her friend whats her face said.

"I was where you should've been."

Jerry comes back in then, "So, I was thinking that Kai could go on tour with you boys, as an opening act. What do you think?"

We all yell YES, I go back out and pick Kai up, swinging her in the air, "Your coming on tour with us!"

"I am?"

"Only if you want to of course."

"Yes. I'm going."

I put her back down on the ground and look her in the eye, "I love you."

"I. L, l, love you too H, H, Harry."


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