I Will Survive One Direction

After surviving many life threatening experiences Kai thinks she can face down anything that life throws at her...even though inside shes broken. But once she meets One Direction she's not quite so sure. Will she survive the one thing she never thought she'd ever have to face? The one thing she prayed not to happen?


6. One Year Later

"Kai! Order for table five!"

"Imma comin' Imma comin'" I whisper under my breath.

Working in an eighties themed diner is not exactly what I was hoping for my life to come to, but it's working for the time being. I help pay rent and at least its a job. I skate over to the counter and pick up the tray of food, balancing it on one hand and skating over to table five. This stupid diner makes us wear very short little pink skirts and white fluffy tops with roller skates. I at least have interesting skates, duck tape, sharpie, and gems officially saved my skates.

"Here's a Club Sandwich, Buffalo Wings, a Jo's BLT, and the Pancake Supreme," I say cheerily while handing out their food.

"Hey! Kai! Come 'ere for a sec."

"What's up Mar's?"

"Can we have dinner once shifts over? PLEASE?" Amara gives me her puppy dog eyes.

"OOkay," I reply with a roll of my eyes, girls girls girls.

I skate around the diner seeing if anyone needs anything from me. The bell over the door rings, man we sure are busy today. I turn around to go and seat them, but instead jump five feet in the air seeing Harry Styles and his buddies walking into Jo's Diner. Come On Kai. He promised he wouldn't let anything happen to you, he broke his promise. Quickly turning and skating to the kitchen as if there's an emergency.

"Heey what are you doing in here girly? There's customers you have work to do."

"Look who those customers are! I can't go out there!" I whisper angrily so no one will notice.

"Get your pretty lil' skating behind out there and seat those young men, or else I'll cut your tips.

"I hate you."

"No you don't, now GO."

I groan dramatically before going over to the table while putting my fake smile on.

"Hello, welcome to Jo's Diner. I'm Kai and I'll be serving you this afternoon. Here's some menu's and just lemme know if you need something."

I go away as quick as I can and when halfway across the diner Mar starts gesturing wildly at me. Now I have to go back there. Seriously.

"Whadda ya want now Mara."

"Those those those boys at table ten!! Their their their..."

"One Direction I know."

"Could you get me their autograph!!"

"Why can't you do it?"

"I can't leave the bar counter. Please??" More puppy dog eyes.


"Come on, PLEASE?"

"NO. I can't."

"I'll take you to a concert."

"Whose concert?"

"That guy Joe Brooks is coming, that means his band too."

"Fine. Gimme a napkin for them to sign."

"Here you go! Thank you! I love you Kaiai!"

I head over to their table, "I'm holding you to that concert!"

The "boys" look at me.

"Hi, umm this is ridiculous I know, but my friend over their really wants your autograph but she can't leave her station."

"Hi, Kai." Harry says.

"So umm can you guys sign the napkin?" I ask, ignoring Harry, and putting the napkin in front of Zayn.

"Sure thing. Are you the Kai from the plane?"

"I'd rather not talk about that but yes I am the "Kai from the plane." The plane, I will remind you, that HE put me on and then left me to fend for myself after promising that he wouldn't let anything happen to me." I say pointing an accusing finger at Harry. My voice shaking while I talk, why oh why, now I seem weak, GREAT.

They finish signing the napkin and I fiercely yank it off the table and stomp over to Amara's counter, or well skate stomping. I hand her the paper and run into the bathroom. I'll just stay in here for five minutes until my shifts over and tell Amara that something came up with Kelsey and her bipolar issues. I just have to get out of here.

Sadly I get called out of the bathroom to give Harry and friends their food.

"Here you go. Have a great day."

Skating as fast into the staff closet I grab my clothes and go into the bathroom to change. Coming out a few seconds later in my new ripped jeans and purple tank top I take a glance around and see that, surprisingly One Direction are gone.

"Hey, uhh Amara. Can we talk over the phone or tomorrow, Kelsey got herself in trouble at work because of her bipolar issues. I'll call you okay. Soo Sorry I have to bail!"

While walking out to my car, someone grabs me around the waist. Idiot. I turn and slap them across the face fully prepared to hit them where it hurts when I see that the idiot is Harry Styles.

"What do you want Harry."

"Well I would like to talk to you without getting slapped."

"Sorry but I can't guarantee that. I can talk for as long I want to though. Which will more than likely not be very long."

At that exact moment I get a text from Kelsey.

kelsey: where the hell are you! you should be here by now. do i have to do everything by myself around here seriously your 18 grow up and forget about your stupid family.

kai: im coming got held up at work with very stubborn customer who insisted that we got his order wrong.

"I'm sorry. I have to go take care of my bipolar friend. Have a nice day Harry. Hope you enjoy the rest of your perfect life."


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