I Will Survive One Direction

After surviving many life threatening experiences Kai thinks she can face down anything that life throws at her...even though inside shes broken. But once she meets One Direction she's not quite so sure. Will she survive the one thing she never thought she'd ever have to face? The one thing she prayed not to happen?


3. New York City

"Hey, you okay?" Harry asks when I finally open my eyes and let go of the seat.

"Uhhhhh yea I just hate flying with a burning passion, take off and landing are the worst parts. Thanks though, it helped, a lot more than I ever would have though... the hand thing I mean. God I'm rambling and you probably think that I'm some psycho chic that you happened to run into while running from a mob of fans. That's what you were doing right? Running from fans?"

"Yeah it happens a lot. When I ran into you I didn't want you to get trampled so I saved your life by picking you up."

"Yes and I successfully felt like a sack of potatoes, best feeling in the world you know." I said sarcastically.

Harry laughed, "I wouldn't know, but you are quite the sassy lady aren't you? You'll get on quite well with Lou. He's the 'Sass Master From Dancaster'."

It was my turn to laugh this time, "Yes, yes I would get on quite well with Louis. I think that we would have an amazing laugh with him, and the rest of you guys to be honest. Your probably wondering why I hate planes so much aren't you."

"In all reality yes I was but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I promise I won't make fun of you though I mean come on Liam doesn't use spoons in restaurants."

"Oh Mae always says that he's scared of spoons."

"That's what our fans say, they've twisted it a little bit."

I laugh again, maybe this Harry guy isn't as bad as I thought, "So well, about a year ago I was in a plane crash. I was flying home from visiting my grandparents in Ireland, and well the plane just, fell. We landed in the ocean, and I was the only one who survived. I haven't been on a plane since, everyone says that I need to get over it because I turn 18 in two months but they don't understand that you can't just forget something like that, you know what I mean."

"That's terrible.Why would people tell you to get over it/"

"Because it's been a year that's why."

"Well that's dumb. Also, why do dislike us so much anyway?"

"I don't know, your musics okay and its not like your all ugly. I guess I just figured that you were all stuck up super stars who were used to getting every girl in the world and not really caring about other people but yourself. But now that I've been talking to you for this whole plane ride, I think that I was wrong and that your really like normal guys, guys that I'm friends with at school."

"Thank you. That's what we try to get people to understand is that we're just lucky guys but well its hard sometimes especially with stubborn sarcastic funny people like you. I really enjoy being with you, you don't try to be someone your not even when your with a member of One Direction when tons of girls would die to be in your place."

Man I cannot believe that me, me of all people am actually enjoying spending time with Harry freaking Styles. I swore to god that I would never ever like them, never ever. Not since the plane crash. I will never be able to tell him that he was on the plane with me. I lied. There were two survivors, me and him. Two reasons why I don't like them, because I can't, because if I do I might very well fall in love with Harry. Good thing this plane ride is almost over. Then I can get away from this. But what if I can't stop thinking about him again. It took me 6 months to stop thinking about this guy.

"Hey Kai?"

"Yeah Harry?"

"I was once in a plane crash too. It was a lot like yours, I was coming back from Ireland about a year ago and the plane went down in the middle of the ocean. There was only one other survivor. She saved my life. I was unconscious and I guess she pulled me onto the wing of the plane that broke off. I don't remember much about it except for I was sitting by her and I really liked her, like a lot. I wanted to find her again but I have no idea what she looks like anymore, I think she looked a lot like you. If only I knew her name."

I couldn't hold it in anymore, I burst into tears. I was still in love with him, and him me... I think. It will never work though, it can't. He's a famous super star and I'm a sarcastic girl who has more guy friends than girl. I basically ruined my relationship with my best friend Kat when she tried to get me a singing contract and stole my boyfriend in the process. I try to stop the tears but they won't stop, they just stream down my face.

"Kai? Kai! What's wrong! Is it something I said! What's wrong!?" Harry seems so worried.

I shake my head, Harry...


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