I Will Survive One Direction

After surviving many life threatening experiences Kai thinks she can face down anything that life throws at her...even though inside shes broken. But once she meets One Direction she's not quite so sure. Will she survive the one thing she never thought she'd ever have to face? The one thing she prayed not to happen?


5. Kelsey's apartment

I hop out of the car and slam gently close the door to her car, walking to the front of the car and staring up at the huge apartment building that is now where I have to live. Kelsey was nice enough not to bug me about what happened to me while we were driving. I'm going to have to tell her sometime just not right now. Tonight, I'll tell her tonight.

"Come on girly, lets get inside and you can shower, we'll get you settled in, and then we can talk over some hot tea. Okay?" Kelse offers kindly, she's in a good mood today.

"That sounds great, thanks for everything."

I walk into the building in a daze. Kelsey leads me over to the elevators and pushes a button. The elevator starts moving and I jump, it feels just like a plane. Kelsey holds my arm, not knowing whats wrong but that the elevator is bothering me. When we get to her apartment, she unlocks it and leads me in, me still in a daze.

"Here's the shower, I'll get you some clothes to wear and get a room ready for you. We'll go over to your house to get everything tomorrow. Take a long hot shower, long as you want."

I go in the bathroom and turn the water on full blast. While it's heating up I undress myself and look at my pale face. I jump into the shower and start to relax in the hot water running down my back. I look at her products. She still uses that nasty brand of herbal essence stuff that smells like rotting cucumbers...I'd rather not use that, Well... I'll use it for today and just put on some of her minty smelling body wash on my hair to make it smell good, like usual. One thing I'm definitely getting is my Japanese Cherry Blossom hair shampoo and conditioner and my 'sunshine' body wash. 

After about a half an hour I get out and find some pajama bottoms and a tank top that I quickly slip into. I brush my hair and walk out into the main part of the apartment where Kelsey is setting down two cups of hot tea. I plop down on the couch and pick up my tea, I take a long slip and begin to tell my horrific story.

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