*New Love*

This story is a fanfic about One Direction but they aren't famous. Kaylee falls in love with one guy when another guy falls for her and she has to choose. Who will she choose?


2. Chapter Two


After I got changed I went into the hallway to wait for the bell to ring. When I came out Damien was standing right there waiting for me. When he put his arm around me this time I didn't freak out because he wasn't sweaty. "This time your not freaking out I see." Damien says. "Why would I when a hot guy has his arm around me and he's not sweaty." I put the emphasis on the not.  "Oh so any hot guy could put his arm around you?" "No not any guy." "Usually my boyfriend or someone I'm going on a date with. Which in this case your the second one." "Oh but we could be so much more." "Says who?" "Says me. We would be the cutest couple at the school." "Well let's see how the first date goes first." He looked a little disappointed after that.  After the bell rang I went to my locker and then to find Niall because I had no clue where my next class was. Which so happened to be science. After I found Niall I told him about Damien asking me out on a date. "I don't like that idea Kaylee. Damien is a jock and he's not a very nice guy." "Niall stop being over protective he is really nice, sweet and not to mention cute." I defended Damien. Niall looked really hurt. When we got to science Damien just so happened to be in this class too. He called me back to sit by him while Louis called me and Niall back to sit by him in the opposite corner. I decided to go sit by Damien and his friends. I whispered "Sorry." to Niall.  "Hey beautiful." Damien said when I sat down next to him. There was a group of girls that I didn't know that were sitting next to him. So I leaned in real close to him and whispered "Who are they?" "Lea this is Kaylee. Kaylee this is Lea." Lea had long brown hair that was pin straight and smokey colored eyes. "Kassie this is Kaylee. Kaylee this Kassie." Kassie had long black curly hair with bright blue eyes. "Ally this Kaylee. Kaylee this is Ally." Ally had long strawberry blonde hair with dark blue eyes. They were all really pretty and Damien still chose to take me out on a date and wanted me to be his girlfriend not them who all seem to like him.  Through the whole science class Lea, Kassie, Ally and I sat there talking. While I could feel Niall's eyes on me the whole time. I was kind of starting to feel guilty because this is like the fourth time we have seen each other in four years. When he was fourteen he moved from Mullinger to London. When the bell rang I was going to go apologize but Damien grabbed my wrist before I could run and go talk to him. "Kaylee what's your next class I'll walk you." "I really need to..." "Kaylee please." "Fine I have English." "I do too." While we were walking down the hall he put his arm around my shoulders. Everyone started staring at us with their jaws dropped. "What's everyone staring at?" I asked Damien. "Well they are obviously staring at the hottest girl in the school standing next me." he whispered in my ear. "Along with every girl in this school wants this." He said moving his eyebrows up and down. I couldn't help but laugh. When we got to English I could tell I was going to hate this class because there was a really mean looking old lady as the teacher. I ended up sitting with Damien again even though Niall was sitting again on the other side of the classroom, but this time he wasn't just staring at me he was glaring at me. Along with all the girls that were in the room because I got to have Damien put his arm around me instead of them. I glared right back at them besides Niall I sent him and apologetic look and he turned away.      After that class it was lunch time. I knew Damien was going to want me to sit with him but I was supposed to sit with Niall and I had no idea what I was going to do because either way one of them was going to be mad at me. After I paid for my juice since I wasn't hungry I walked into the lunchroom and everyone turned and started whispering and some guys even checking me out. One of them when I walked by even grabbed my butt so I turned to them and said "What do you think your doing?" "I'm thought I would grab something that looked appetizing " "Your a freaking pig!" I shouted back at him and started to walk away but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. "I can prove to you I'm not." He whispered and then winked at me. "If you don't let me go in ten seconds I assure you you'll regret it." I hissed back at him. Then heard someone familiar shout "Will, let her go." Then there was a protecting arm around me and by the smell of his cologne I could tell it was Damien. "Why should I?" the guy that was holding on to my arm asked and by the sounds of it his name was Will. "I don't freaking know what your name is or do I care just let me go before I punch you so hard in the face it might make an improvement but most likely not." I said to him. Then there was a lot of cheering from everyone in the cafeteria  "Kaylee this isn't over I will be getting you sometime in the future." "I highly doubt that." I jerk my hand out of his wrist and walk away.       "That was really hot." Damien said. "Thanks but I wasn't meaning for it to be I just really wanted him to let go of me." "Well it was still hot." Then he led me to his table with all of his friends who whistled at me. I put a disgusted look on my face. "Do you guys really have to do that? I'm a human being not a dog." I said with an additude which just made them whistle even more. "Damien if they don't stop I will go sit with Niall. Even though it is flattering I don't appreciate it." Damien shot everyone a glare at the table. That's when my phone vibrated so I pulled it out and checked it. I had a text from Niall.

  Niall: Why aren't you sitting with us?  

Kaylee: Damien wants me to sit with him. Sorry.  

Niall: I can't believe your ditching me for someone you just met. He's lucky I don't beat him up here and now.

  Kaylee: Niall, what's wrong? I've never seen you like this before ever and I don't like it.   

Niall: Just come over here I really want to see and talk to your beautiful face.  

That's when I knew Niall was avoiding talking to me about something.

  Kaylee: I'll try to get away.

  Niall:Please (Look at where I'm sitting.)    I turned to see where Niall was and when I found him he was giving me the puppy dog face and he knew I couldn't resist his puppy dog face.  

Kaylee: Fine. Just stop making that face.  

Niall: :) Then you don't want to turn around again until you get your butt over here.    

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