*New Love*

This story is a fanfic about One Direction but they aren't famous. Kaylee falls in love with one guy when another guy falls for her and she has to choose. Who will she choose?


3. Chapter Three


"I'm going to go sit with Niall." "Please stay." "I'm sorry I haven't sat with him all day."  "Okay but I will miss you." "Oh will you?" I called back while walking away.  When I turned around I could see Niall had a huge smile on his face. "I'm sorry I've been ditching you all day." "It's okay all that matters is that your right here with me now." He put his arm around me and smiled. I looked back at Damien who was staring at me and Niall and glaring. He looked like at any moment he would come and kill Niall just because he had his arm around me. I don't know why but I have this weird feeling that Niall likes me. It can't be true though because we've been friends for as long as I could remember. I brushed the thought aside and just drank my juice.   "So you and Damien?" Eleanor said. "Not really, we're just going on a date." "Wait what you said yes?!" asked Niall. Liam looked upset too. "Niall I told you he asked me on a date." "But you didn't tell me that you said yes." "I'm sorry Niall I don't tell you about my whole life." I said as I stood up and left the cafeteria. Niall didn't even make an attempt to come talk to me but Liam followed me. He grabbed my wrist "Please don't go out with him." he begged. "Why not?" "He is a jerk. He has never had a real girlfriend he uses you for sex then he'll kick you to the curb." "Liam he doesn't seem like he would do that." "He did it to one of my next door neighbor." "Liam..." I trailed off because I was interrupted by him kissing me. I was surprised to find myself kissing him back. But when he pulled away I ran away.    I had no idea where I was running but I didn't stop until I got to this park. I saw a bridge over a lake so I walked over there and took my shoes off. I flung my feet over the bridge and put my feet in the water. I didn't know what I was doing here I just stayed anyway. It was just relaxing.    Liam's POV: "What happened?" asked Niall. "Where is she?" "I kissed her and she ran away I have no idea where she is." "You what?" "Niall calm down." "No you kissed the girl I love." "Wait you love her?" asked Harry. "Yes, Harry I do and you know what now I have to compete with two other people when it was hard enough that I can't tell her what I've always wanted to tell her." "Niall, I didn't know you felt that way but I know you probably don't want to hear this but when we kissed I felt a spark. That I never ever felt with Dani and I want to know if she felt it too. If it prevents her from dating Damien. I don't care if you date her just as long as Damien doesn't."    When I looked to see if Damien heard me I saw that he was walking this way. "Where's Kaylee?" asked Damien. "We don't know." Eleanor stated acting like a snob because no one at this table liked him. "What do you mean you don't know?!" he was starting to get angry. "She just ran off." I said. "What did you do to her?" Damien said angrily pushing me up against the wall.    Kaylee's POV: I woke up in a place that I have never seen before. When I realize what happened and how I got here. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I could still feel Liam's lips on mine and can't help but wish that they were there again. I can't think about him in that way I have to think about Damien not Liam. I'm going to go crazy if I don't feel them again. First I need to go back to school.   As I'm walking towards the school I hear someone shouting my name out the window of a car which I recognize as Niall's. "Niall!" I shout. When he sees me he stops the car and I get in the back and I see Liam and Louis in the back and then Harry in the front. "What happened to your mouth?" I asked Liam stroking his lip that had a big gash on it that was bleeding. "I got punched... by Damien... for kissing you." "What? How did he find out?" "He asked where you went and what happened then pused me up against the wall and punched me. Then we wanted to find you." "Oh Liam." "I tried to fight back because I really like you and he doesn't deserve someone like you." "Liam... I like you too." Then he started leaning in and we kissed again until he pulled away because it hurt his lips.    
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