*New Love*

This story is a fanfic about One Direction but they aren't famous. Kaylee falls in love with one guy when another guy falls for her and she has to choose. Who will she choose?


1. Chapter One


It was my first day of school in London I only know one person. I've known him since we were little kids. On the first day at a new school I usually wear really cute clothes that will catch people's attention in a good way so today I decided to wear a tight plain white quarter sleeve v-neck, a brown and white scarf, brown ruffled sandals, a brown and white striped bag, a brown braided belt, and an aqua pair of shorts. My hair was curled and my bangs were braided with natural looking makeup on. I have blonde hair that's naturally curly and bright blue eyes.  I was sitting down to eat some yogurt when I got a text from Niall.   Niall: I'm here beautiful;).   Kaylee: Okay cutie ;).     Me and Niall flirt with each other all the time but we don't have those kinds of feelings for each other. We've never actually talked about it but we both have been in relationships. He's really protective of me though he acts like an older brother. Even if I'm taller then him. He hates when I bring up how short he is. I grab my bag and walk out the door. I open the door to Niall's car and say "Hey shorty." "Hey Kaylee-Cake!" "Ughh don't call me that. How did you even come up with that anyway?" I said. "I honestly couldn't tell you." I just laugh and turn up the radio and we start singing really loud until we pull into the school parking lot.     He pulls into a parking spot and we get out and he instantly walks over to a group of people at the car next to us. I walk over and stand by Niall. "Hey everyone this is Kaylee." he points at me then continues "Katie this is Louis." He points to a tall brunette wearing a striped shirt and red pants. He then holds out his hand. "Hey there pretty lady." I laughed "Hi there." Then Niall pointed to a dark mysterious guy. "That's Zayn." "Hey." Zayn said in a husky voice. Niall continued along the line until we got to one person in particular that cought my eye. "And last but not least this is Liam." Liam stuck out his hand and I shook and I felt sparks go through my hand that was touching his. "Nice you meet you love." He said. "The pleasure is all mine." I said with a smile.      While me and Niall were on our way to our first class guys kept looking at me in the hallway. "Niall every guy we walk past has been staring at me." I whisper ass were walking into math. "Well Kaylee your beautiful why wouldn't they stare." Niall and I take seats next to Liam in the back. "Hey." Someone says from beside me. I look over and it's a really good looking guy. "Hey." "You must be new because I would have remember seeing you around." "Oh would you?" I asked in a flirty way. "Oh ya." "My name is Kaylee by the way." "Oh a hot name for a hot girl." "Oh why thank you." "I'm Damien." "Well Damien I think we are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the future." I say sweetly. "Oh do you?" "Mhm." and I left it like that and turned towards the teacher.      After class Niall cought up with me and asked what the whole thing with Damien was. "Well he was cute and I was flirting." "Oh you don't even know him." "That's the point of making new friends Niall and how to get to know someone." I said kind of mean. "Well why don't you tell me all about it at lunch." "Fine I will." After he showed me where my next class was he left to go to his. I had gym this hour so I went to the locker room to change. When I walk into the gym I see Eleanor and I walk over to her and say hey. She was talking to some girl named Danielle. After I was introduced to Danielle someone was calling my name and I turned around to see that it was Damien.      "Hey Damian." I said in a flirty tone. "See guys I told you she was hotter then any other girl I have seen." I smiled and said "Oh you said that Damien." running my hand down his chest. "How sweet." Then I put my hand on my hips. "Well you know." "Oh I do?" He laughed. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I spanked him in the butt. "You better put me down." I say flirting. "Don't make me spank you again." "Do it you won't." "Oh really?" I asked. "Yup." just to prove I will I spank him and pinch his butt. He put me down and whispered. "You play dirty don't you?" "Yes, Yes I do." I said and turned around walking away. He then ran up and spanked me. I kept walking though. "Like what you see?" I shout back at him. "Ya, I do. But I'd rather you be walking towards me." I just laugh and continue walking away towards Liam who I see is now in this class. "Hey." he says when I get close to him. "Hey." I reply. "You looked lonely so I thought I would come join you." "You didn't have to you look like you were having fun over there with Damien."      When the gym teacher walked in everyone got quiet. "Okay today you guys are running a mile on the track." there was a bunch of sighs from others but there was a huge smile on my face. "Don't complain I could make you run two." On our way out to the track Damien comes up and starts talking to me. "I bet you that I will beat you to the finish line." "Oh really." I say. "Yup." he says with a smile. "Your betting that you could beat a girl of my size?" I asked really confused. He obviously couldn't beat me but if you lined us both up you think he would win. "Okay how much you want to be?" I ask. "Twenty-five bucks and the loser has to take the winner on a date." he says. "Sounds fair to me."      I was the first one done running by like thirty secounds in secound came Damien and then in third Liam. I went up to Damien and said "You have to take me out on a date and give me twenty-five bucks." I was jumping up and down. "How do you still have all that energy?" asked Damien. "I don't know I had a couple coffees this morning." I said while still jumping in the air. "So Friday night do you want to go to the carnival with me?" "I'd love to." Damien put his arm around me and I started freaking out because his arm was sweaty. "Eww!" I shouted "Your all sweaty!" "You know you like it." he says pulling me into a big hug. "Oh do I?" "Yup you do." Then he kissed the top of my head. 

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