*New Love*

This story is a fanfic about One Direction but they aren't famous. Kaylee falls in love with one guy when another guy falls for her and she has to choose. Who will she choose?


4. Chapter Four


Kaylee's POV: I didn't want to hurt him anymore  along with everyone was sitting there watching us along with Harry taking pictures so i pulled away. "Harry would you stop please. I bet Liam doesn't want pictures of him looking like that." "Looking like what? You don't like it?" Liam asked joking around. "Oh ya I do." I said pecking his lips... "It makes you look tough." I said pecking his lips again but he pulls me into kiss him longer and we both laugh. We put our foreheads together and just smile.     Niall's POV: It kills me inside to see them kissing. "Hey Kaylee there's three more classes left so we're going to go back there. Okay?" "Ya, that's fine." I look in the mirror and I see that Liam and Kaylee are holding hands and I quickly look away because it's painful for me to see. "So Liam how are you and Dani doing?" I look in the mirror to see that Kaylee dropped his hand and tears in her eyes. "You have a girlfriend?" Kaylee asked. "No I broke up with her because she cheated on me." Liam said. "Niall why would you even bring them up I told you that two months ago?" "I guess I just forgot. Sorry."      I look in the mirror five minutes later and I see they're holding hands again but not just that they are also kissing passionately. "Okay we're at school guys you can stop kissing." Everyone laughs and Kaylee and Liam give each other one more kiss before getting out of the car.     Kaylee's POV: I could see Niall looking at us from the mirror so I decided to kiss Liam passionately  I would have anyway but usually not in public. "Okay you guys can stop kissing now we're at school." Niall says. We all laugh except for Niall who just glares at Liam. I give him one last kiss before I got out of the car.  "Kaylee wait I will open the door for you." Liam half shouts at me. "Okay Liam calm down." Liam slid across the back of the car. "Liam don't do that to my car!" shouted Niall. "Sorry Niall I guess since I did earlier and not get yelled at I could do it again but I guess not." After Liam opened my door he grabbed my hand and helped me out. As we were walking towards the door Liam asked me what class I had next. It turned out we had the same class. Which turned out to be open study hall. First we went to my locker and then we went to his. We walked to the office so we could get late passes. We had to think of excuses. Mine was that I had to take my mom something at work and Liam's was that he had to go let his dog out since his parents were out of town. After we got our passes we headed towards the cafeterria since that's where study hall is. We walked in holding hands and it turned out Damien was in this class so I quickly dropped Liam's hand. He gave me a hurt face and I grabbed a pen out of my bag and wrote my phone number on his hand and told him to text me when he sits down.     Once Damien  sees me he stands up and rushes over to me. "Are you okay? I was worried about you." He pulls me into a big hug and when he lets me go he grabs my hand. He starts pulling me to where he was sitting. I turn and wave bye to Liam and I blow him a kiss to just to show that I don't really have feelings for Damien but I have feelings for him instead. He still looked sad though and it made me feel bad. I was taken out of my thoughts when Damien asked where I was. "I was at a park." I said before my phone went off.     Liam: What's going on?     Kaylee: I'm supposed to go on a date with him on Friday.     Liam: Oh, I was going to ask you on a date tonight.     Kaylee: Hmm a Thursday date sounds fun.     Liam: Yes it would.     Kaylee: So what would we do?     Liam: We can watch movies at my house.     Kaylee: Sounds like a plan now I gotta talk to Damien before he freaks out. xx     Liam: Okay I'll walk you to your next class if I can get a chance to. xx     "Kaylee, why are you being so quiet?" asked Damien. "I don't know I'm just kind of hungry because I didn't eat lunch." "Do we need to ditch next hour and go get something to eat?" "Sure why not." "We'll leave when the bell rings." "Alright where are we gonna go?" "Well I know this little dinner that we could go to." "Sounds fun I'll just go to my locker after this to get my purse." "I'll meet you under the bleachers." "Okay." Then the bell rang.  
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