*New Love*

This story is a fanfic about One Direction but they aren't famous. Kaylee falls in love with one guy when another guy falls for her and she has to choose. Who will she choose?


5. Chapter Five


  Kaylee's POV: After I got my purse I walked to the bleachers to meet Damien. When I got there he was already waiting. "Well there you are beautiful I've been waiting to see your beautiful face." "Oh well thanks Damien." I said back with a smile. "So are you ready to go eat?" he asked while putting his arm around my waist. "Yup I'm starved." "Well let's go to my car then." He led me to his car which was actually a pretty nice truck. I got to say I liked it. "I love your truck. I can't wait until my mom buys me my truck." I stated. "Your not like most girls." "What do you mean?" "Other girls from this schools would not be caught dead owning a truck. But you don't care and I like that about you."  "Well thanks you." I said with a big smile on my face.   When we got to Oscar's Diner it was amazing it was old fashioned and I loved it. "Wow... I love it." I said to Damian. When we sat down the menu was even better.  I decided on a bacon cheeseburger and a strawberry milkshake.    Niall's POV: I'm starting to get worried Kaylee is in this class we compared them before school even started. But she hasn't showed up yet and she wasn't answering her phone. "Liam I'm worried about Kaylee she is supposed to be in this class but she's not here." "Have you texted her?" "Yes no reply." "How about call her?" "Okay. Get a pass to you locker and I'll get a pass to the bathroom and you can meet me there."    5 minutes later in the bathroom: I dialed Kaylee's number and after four rings she picked up.    K: Niall what do you want I'm kind of doing something?   N: Where are you? Your not in class?   K: I'm at a diner.   I heard a guy in the background.   N: With who?   K: Damien. What does it matter?   L: Kaylee please come back.   K:Wait am I on speaker?    N: Yes   K: Will you guys calm down I'm just eating I'm not doing anything else.   L:Really?   K: Yes were gonna eat and then I'm going home. Okay so I'm gonna go now okay? Bye   L: Bye Kaylee have fun see ya later.    Then she hung up and I turned to Liam. "What do you mean by see ya later?" "I mean that we have a date tonight." "You didn't even have the respect to ask me if that was okay?" "Niall, she's not yours to hand out. If she wants to go out with me she'll go out with me." "I know I don't own her but..." I stopped myself before I said it. "But what?" Liam asked kind of angry. "Never mind you can date her whatever." "Niall, what's going on?" "Nothing we need to get back to class before the teacher realizes were gone longer then we should have been." Then I walked out of the bathroom ignoring Liam calling after me.    Liam's POV: I'm worried about Niall. I honestly think there is something he is hiding from all of us. How do I confront him about it though is what I'll have to figure out. I start heading back to class after I stopped at my locker to grab a book to make it look like I actually was spending time at my locker. When I got back to class Niall wasn't there anymore and I was sure that he headed back in this direction after leaving class. I got my phone out and texted him to ask where he was.   L:Where are you?   I decided also to text Kaylee.   L: I can't wait to see you tonight... wear something comfy because were gonna have a movie night at my house.:)   K:Okay sounds fun! :)   L: Okay I'll pick you up at 5:30:)   K: Can't wait:)   Then I started paying attention to the teacher because I didn't want to miss out on something I may need to know for homework that could be coming up.   Kaylee's POV: After Damien dropped me off at my house I looked at my phone and had about twenty texts from Niall and he even called me once. Along with he left me a voice mail. I called my voice mail and before even listening to it I deleted it. I decided to text Liam.   K: Hey do you want me to bring anything?   L: Nope just you and your pajamas... haha ;)   K: Alrighty ;) See ya then :)   L: Wait I don't know where you live I need your address  Other wise you wouldn't be seeing me until tomorrow.   After I gave him my address I went and changed into my pink and yellow plaid pajama pants with a pair of spandex under them, with a bright yellow spaghetti strapped tank, then I put my hair up in a ponytail and tied it with a pink bow, and I grabbed a yellow pair of flip flops out of my closet.    While I waited for Liam I went into my living room and started reading the new book I got the other day called Such a Rush and so far I really like it. I was in the middle of a really good chapter when I hear a knock at my door. I stand up and grab my bag thinking it was Liam when it turned out to be Niall. "Why haven't you answered any of my calls or texts?" he asked pushing past me inside. "Well I was kind of busy." "Not busy enough to not next Liam." "Liam and I have plans tonight that's why. Niall why are you being like this?" "I don't know Kaylee." "Niall your a horrible liar... just tell me." "Kaylee, I want to but I can't I'm sorry. I have to go." "Wait Niall." But he didn't stop he only looked back at me when he got in his car and it looked like there were tears in his eyes.   

*Sorry guys it's kind of short

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