Hello and Goodbye

Amber Hillridge is a Teen-pop sensation. She is living the dream. She has a model boyfriend and is loved by millions. Amber's manager tells her she is opening up for the band One Direction. While Amber is on tour she falls for 2 of the boys knowing she can't have them because of her boyfriend. What will she do? will she break up with her boyfriend for the boys? expect the unexpected...


2. Meeting Up

~Amber's POV~

As i walk towards the studio with my Starbucks coffee in one hand and my phone in the other, i get a text from Trent. "hey babe wats up" "Meeting up with the band i'm opening up for, i really need to go. Love you(;" "luv u 2 bi" I walk in and all the boys are lined up there in front of me. They introduce themselves one by one shaking my hand. They're all very handsome. Nicole and Paul lead us into a separate room so we can sit and be comfortable while we talk about the tour. "Okay so the tour begins in a couple of months so in that time you guys need to get to know each other, be best friends, share secrets, have slumber parties, whatever it takes, we don't need any fights so you all need to be friends." Nicole said. "We're all meeting up two times a week to rehearse so be here at the time it is right now, 10:00a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, got it? Good, you're all free to go." I stand up, take a sip of my coffee and head for the door and as i'm reaching for the handle i feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to be face to face with Harry. "Oh hello...can i help you with something?" "Would you like to go and get something to eat with me?" I stood there depending on whether i should or not, but Nicole did say to be close friends with them. "Of course! Where to?" "Anywhere you would like." Since i'm from America I don't know too many restaurants in the U.K. "I'm not too familiar with any local restaurants." "Well what would you like to eat?" "Spaghetti sounds good." "Okay i know the perfect place" Harry opened the door for me and we were off. The car ride there was just us trying to get to know each other. Harry has an amazing personality. We pull up to a restaurant called "Everything Italian." It was nice but nothing too fancy. "Table for two, please." Harry said. "Right this way." The waitress said while grabbing two menu's. We get seated in a table next to window with a view of London. I started browsing through the menu. I look up to see a pair of beautiful green eyes staring right at me. i smiled and giggled and said "what!?" "Nothing you're just very pretty." "Well thank you, you aren't too bad yourself." I said with a little giggle. "So tell me about yourself Amber." "Well what would you like to know?" "How did you launch your career?" "Well, a couple years ago i was doing a gig at an outdoor concert in my hometown and it just so happened that there was a producer there and after the concert he came up to me and wanted to sign me and I said yes and thats basically how." "Thats very interesting actually. I have another question for you, do you have a boyfriend?" " Yes I do, do you have a girlfriend?" "No not right now, i'm still looking." " oh okay" We got our food and just chit-chatted for a while. When were done in was about 3, Harry dropped me off at the studio where my car was. "Amber." "yeah?" "Lets do this again sometime." "Sounds good" and with that I hopped in my car and drove away.

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