I was Kidnapped

Most people would like to be kidnapped by One Direction, but not Liza. She hates One Direction. When Zayn takes out his anger on her what will happen? Read to find out (:


1. I'm kidnapped- by one direction-1

(Liza's pov)

I woke up and had no idea where I was. It all happened too fast. One second I was in the mall and the net I'm here. In One Direction's flat.

"Liza?" Shit Harry's coming.

I hide in the closet. I feel in my pocket for my phone. They took away my phone. Bitches. 

(Harry's Pov)

I saw this girl. She is so beautiful. Brown hair with blonde highlights. But she hates us. All I want to do is show her we are normal people.

"Liza?" I asked.

I walk into the room we left her in and now I'm pissed. She's hiding.


Sorry it's short It'll get better. 

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