1D and a sixth member

Their are 5 One Direction members but when a person walks through the door what do 1D think about him.
Are they in surprise or in shock


2. 2 months later

One Direction were back on stage peforming in front of millions of people.
They had been writing a song that just finished a week ago called I Want.
Only one person out of the millions sang every song. When they went back stage all of 1D said we should ask that person if they want to join but then Louis came in and said we are not going to ever have a sixth members.
All the other members said we should it is getting really boring and no one will like us.
Louis said,
" We will Only have a sixth member if I say so and at the moment everyone Is likening us."
Harry said,
" Louis we need another member soon thang is why we are worning you know and not later other wise it will be too late and we would crash the group."
Louis went home and thought want they all put together to say. Louis rang up one of his mates that toatly like them and said to him,
" would you like to join our group,"
His mate Johnny replied,
" Sorry! I am really busy I will have to quite work then."
Louis said,
" If you to join do not tell anyone even the other boys. But meet tommorow if you do join in the studio 11am sharp."
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