One direction , I don't Think I Could Love you :/

Alexandra , Ally for Short :DD.
Anyways i'm a very very very dedicated directioner don't judge -.-.
Okay , Okay sooo i'm 17 about to turn 18.
But little did i know i'm in a surprise of a lifetime . Read to find out !!


6. How will this turn out ?


**A/n Awe already on 40 favorite lists :3 ty ** Niall's POV   Well , that concert was intense .. We all headed off the stage when there was like a riot backstage. There was security running around everywhere when i overheard something. "Um , Yeah we have a girl . Which people say her name is Alexandra is down .." Oh no. I ran as quickly as possible dodging everyone in the way when i saw her ...     Juliet's POV     We were all going out form the Arena when I noticed Alexandra wasn't near me. Oh no , this can not be good ...  Alex , Louis , Harry , Niall , directioners ... Not good. I finally reached the exit and felt the cold breeze hit my face .Burr ... I noticed he blonde hair i would reconigze anywhere I saw a group of girls approching her .  "Alexandra , NO!" was all i mangaed to say before she hit the floor. All the girls were just piling on her , like animals . Those aren't true directioners . I then noticed a blonde running towards her . Niall , how sweet. I ran and pushed all the girls all away . Was she dead ? She had multiple cuts and brusies all over her , these "fans" are maniacs . Why would they do this ? They should support as what the boys please . I sat down on the bare concreate next to Niall . "She's gonna be okay ." He flinched to the words . He slowly nodded. I heard sirens in the distance , while the rest of the boys came to be shocked at what they saw.     Harry's POV Me and the Lad's finished our preformance when everywhere , everyone was running everywhere .... What happened? Then i saw Niall run out the door . Something HAD to happen. I quickly gathered up all the boys as we sprinted outside . Shocked at what we saw , Sirens in the distance and her beautiful body on the floor . I should have been out here first , next to her . Not Niall , I think i am starting to fancy this girl. But i dont know if she feels the same way . I really don't .  They carried Ally's body into the ambulance as i piled into the ambulance with Juliet. "She's gonna be okay " is all i mumbled then Louis and Niall came into he ambulance too. I hope she acually will be okay.       Alexandra's POV     "She's gonna be okay " Is all i heard as a mumble next to me . That british accent . Harry . I heard sirens ... Am i in a ambulance ? I don't remember what happened . All i do remember is getting out of the concert then ... Nothing else . What did i miss ? Minutes later i heard the doors open , i tried to open my eyes but it wouldn't budge. It's like my eyes didn't want to see the light . Was i dead ? I then blacked out again. I woke up and then forgot what happened. Then i remebered , the concert . the everything. I was opening my eyes to see Niall eating nandos "Having fun there ?" i wisphered. He looked around like a ghost just talked to him . He looked at me like her had just seen a ghost. He smiled madly , but then continued to  eat. I rolled my eyes then shifted to the other side to see Harry sleeping. I smirked. I ruffled his curls and he groaned , "Niall , stop" I did it again , He then grabbed my hand , "Niall , i told yo to st-" He opened his eyes and they widend when he saw me  "You're awake !!!" he exclamined .  "Yup." Well , i cant wait to see how all of this is going to turn out .....
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