One direction , I don't Think I Could Love you :/

Alexandra , Ally for Short :DD.
Anyways i'm a very very very dedicated directioner don't judge -.-.
Okay , Okay sooo i'm 17 about to turn 18.
But little did i know i'm in a surprise of a lifetime . Read to find out !!


2. Dos!


Alexandra's POV

I saw One direction just there in the street.I massively hit the brakes and made Juliet jump. "OMN JULIEEE!!!" Before she could do anything or say , there was a tap on my window. There stood those five faces i have dreamed of , see on my laptop and see on my telivison but never thought i would see them this close as ever.

Niall's POV

I can't  believe this.Our concert is starting soon and of course our tour bus broke down."Ugh I can't believe this!" I stopped my foot and started to walk."Its best we walk now i guess"Liam suggested.How are we gonna ge there n....I saw a green color car pull up at the stop sign."GUYS LOOK!" i yelled. We all ran but it looks like the girls didn't reconigze us at first. I tapped on the window and the girl looked towards us. Wow she was stunning , well it looks like i wasn't the only one who noticed , It looked like all the boys did too.  ******************Note- pretend all the boys are single -kk?*************** Harry's POV

Niall saw a green car and well we decided to see what we could do now. As Niall tapped on the window i saw 2 girls the first girl i saw , i knew we would be together forever.Her blonde hair was put in curls which fell righ to her mid back ,her shirt which was button down a nice black color with peach jeans with her peach vans. Wow this girl is the one , i swear. "ello love , im sorry to disrupt but , we might have a little of a pro-" Before i could finish Niall cut me off. "Problem well our bus broke down and umm ..." Wow someone's got a crush ... Oh wait no she's M-I-N-E ! "If we could have a ride to the Venue." Liam finished "Oh yea sure." The brown haired girl said. Well don't get me wrong she is  pretty but not like the other girl. "Yea sure hop in"The blonde-haired girl said. Well time to make a move. I sat right in the back with Lou and Zayn ; While Niall and Liam sat all the way in the back. "Erm do you know the way there blondie?" Lou said.

Louis POV

Wow that blonde haired girl is beyond beautiful i just can't explain it. The brown haired girl ehh but i want the blonde girl ; it looks like im not the only one . Niall and Harry sure do have a crush. "Erm do you know the way there blondie?" I said. "My name is Alexandra and erm .. um  no." ooo Alexandra pretty name..... Wait did she ust say she didn't know the way.. I had a worried expression while her and her friend giggled. Alex and her giggle is too cute. "Of course i do silly Louis" whew what a relief there. She started to drive off while we rode in silence. Then the brown haired girl  reached for the radio  "And now here is One Direction with What Makes You Beautiful" oh wow Alex didn't change it. She started singing to the beat wow what a beautiful voice she had. Then harry sung his part to her which made her blush. I just got mad and well you can see it on Niall's face too , Harry sure want to start something.

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