One direction , I don't Think I Could Love you :/

Alexandra , Ally for Short :DD.
Anyways i'm a very very very dedicated directioner don't judge -.-.
Okay , Okay sooo i'm 17 about to turn 18.
But little did i know i'm in a surprise of a lifetime . Read to find out !!


5. Circles , Were going in Circles.


You guys are phoneminall , i swear im on already on over 30 favorites :DD .  I might wanna do another movella but i need a title . Anyways  Onto chapter 5 ..   Harry's POV     Ugh , you win this round Louis but watch your back now.                                                                                            ~Skip to Concert Time~     Alexandra's POV     Me and Juliet went to our seats which are right in the front yay , did i mention how excited i am? Well , I AM FREAKING EXCITED AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Especially doing this with my best friend this is going to be intreasting. The crowd was screaming , the boys were just about to come on while i shouted on the top of my lungs "WHOOOOOOOO" The boys jumped onto the stage , when Niall talked into his mic. "Ello people of Florida" Everybody yelled back different responses , i almost went deaf there for a second. The boys went on the concert ; They started off with Up all night , then too Forever Young , After that to Same Mistakes , Gotta Be You , Everything About You : what a werid event there , the whole song Harry , Niall or Louis would just look at me while they sung and my heart skipped beats. I think all the fans start to notice and i automaticlly get werid expressions and i heard Juliet squealing next to me , i just chuckled. Then I wish was sung after that , Followed by I want. The boys chose their I want girls Oh No , I saw a hand reach out to me and well i didn't hesitate and grabbed the hand. I was then pulled onto the stage as Louis sang to me ' I want , I want to be loved by you.' Then i got twirled around and was now facing Harry , boy was Louis mad.. I looked into his Green dreamy eyes as he sang to me 'I want , I want  to be loved by you.'  He winked , and i looked at the ground he lifted my chin up and kissed my cheek . Causing me to blush then automatically i was tapped on the shoulder while Harry rolled his eyes and walked away continuing his singing. I then felt Strong but delicate arms around my waist , and a head on my shoulder as he sung 'I want , I want to be loved by you.' He turned me around so i could face him , there stood Niall looking so perfect , his eyes looking down at me i tipy toed and kissed his cheek .                                                                   'I want I want to be loved by you' I ran back to my seat when i heard I Should Have Kissed You ; start up. 'I keep playing it inside of my head all that you said to me. I lie awake just to convince myself this wasn't just a dream.' A warm hand wrapped in mine and pulled me back . 'Cause you were right here and i should have taken the chance .' 'But i got so scared' 'And i lost the moment again.' 'Its All that i could think about , Oh, Your all that i could think about' 'Is your heart taken , Is there somebody else on your mind , im so sorry im so confused just tell me.Am i out of time'. Oh wow these boys are driving me crazy.I ran off the stage and jumped back to my seat in a bit of tears. Juliet pulled me into a hug and comforted me. Boy i love this girl. The boys sang One thing , Stand Up , Moments , Tell Me A Lie , Stole My Heart  , More than This. "This last song you all know . Let me give you a hint it starts with 'What' .Liam Said into his mic The whole crowd screamed "WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL"  "You guys said it , let's go lad's." They sang and i got automatic eye contact from Harry . His eyes are so beautiful ahhh. Then a pair of sparkly blue eyes met mine , i was blushing madly . How will i ever choose who i really love between these boys. It's just so confusing . We all piled out of the stadium when the preformance finished . "Alexandra , NO!" Was the last thing i heard before i blacked out.
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