One direction , I don't Think I Could Love you :/

Alexandra , Ally for Short :DD.
Anyways i'm a very very very dedicated directioner don't judge -.-.
Okay , Okay sooo i'm 17 about to turn 18.
But little did i know i'm in a surprise of a lifetime . Read to find out !!


3. Chapter 3 !!! xx


Niall's Pov   Ugh , Harry is just getting me mad i really like Alexandra , but Harry is trying to get his way to her . She probably wants him now doesn't she but i just don't know. I'm not gonna back down! Harry's POV   Yes ! Score one for Harry : Niall 0 : Louis 0. "We are Here guys" Juliet shouted. Jeez what up with this girl ...  We all had exited the car ,I then ran to Alex ,"I hope i can see you again" I said to Aleaxandra "Oh yeah me too." She responded. "Can i have your number?" I hope she says yes !!   Alexandra's POV   "We are Here guys" Juliet shouted. "I hope i can see you again" Harry said to me "Oh yeah me too." I responded. "Can i have your number?" OMG!  I turned pink a bit and Harry chuckled. "Mhm" Was all i managed to say. He took my phone i took his and we put each other's number into the other's phone. I shoved my phone right back into my pocket ; Then Niall came. "Hey Nialler" I said and looked up at him. "Hey Love" He spoke in his adorable irish accent. There is just something about this boy i swear. He looked at he floor and figited with his fingers.I grabbed his hand and i just almost died. He blushed a little and i chuckled a bit. "Whats up Niall?" I questioned "Im sorry but i just tend to act stupid around pretty girls." He said. I blushed dark red. Oh my god Niall what are you doing to me ?!?! "Well doesn't someone look cute when they blush" i just giggled "Can i have your number." He asked. I looked up into his bright blue ocean eyes. Oh lord how can girls not love Niall he is just so UGHH i can't explain it. "Yea sure."  He gave me a piece of paper kissed my cheeks and walked away. All the boys went into the same door to go get ready for the concert. I didn't tell them we weren't going to the concert. Boy , i wonder what will happen  Juliet's POV   I am just so greatful for Ally she just gave me something i always dreamed of i love this girl to death.  Oh my god look a my girl go ! She got these boys on her , how can she chose i mean they are all just so cute and funny and everything but i have a boyfriend already . I can't wait now we go in for backstage passes AHHH!! and front row tickets i can't explain how i feel. Harry's POV I miss Alex already her hair , her adroable smile her everything. Well it's time to meet the people with the backstage passes. I hear some fimiliar voices. "Ally" Juliet moaned "What?" She moaned back " Don't get smacked okay." I bursted out laughing and then i heard footsteps so i ran and soon i crashed into someone. Alexandra . She was under me while i was on top of her. Her eyes are just so cute and the color of a light brown they were to die for. I looked right into her beautiful eyes then she was about to get up  when i leaned down and kissed her fully on the lips. Liam's POV   I saw it all Harry just leaned down and kissed her wow is Niall and louis gonna be mad. Harry really doesn't know what he is doing. Don't start something you can't finish Harry. Just don't ..... If you know what's best for you.
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