One direction , I don't Think I Could Love you :/

Alexandra , Ally for Short :DD.
Anyways i'm a very very very dedicated directioner don't judge -.-.
Okay , Okay sooo i'm 17 about to turn 18.
But little did i know i'm in a surprise of a lifetime . Read to find out !!


1. UNO!


Alexandra's POV "No way" my mouth literally dropped. I won tickets and backstage passes to see one direction IN PERSON. I fangirled for almost hours and freakily called my best friend Juliet. "Hey love whats up" She said in her bubbly kiddie voice. "Guess who is going to see One direction in concert" I bragged. "Aww Hon congrats" She said. "Umm , To fill you in your going wih me !!!" i quickly moved my ear away fro the phone and heard the loudest scream. "Whoa there Now someone is excited aren't they?"  "When is it?" She questioned. "Ermm tonight" I paused. "Well then i wil pick you up in a few im sorry i didnt know" I apoligized. "No hun its okay , look cute now okayy see you love" With that the call ended. I looked over to my little night stand and searched the clock it read 6:11pm   Perfect.I took a shower and freshened up , when i took my blonde hair and let it fall to my mid back in its natrual curls. Outfit for Alex  ---------------------> I then looked at the time (6:47PM) I then hopped inside my KIA Soul and drove to Juliet's House .I Honked my horn a few times and then 3 minutes later Ju came out. Yea , Yea i call her Ju problem -.- ? Anyways , Her brown-ish hair was in a messy/prett bun while she was wearing a creme high~low skirt , with a jersey tank top , the one direction necklace with a Harry Styles charm her nails painted black, spike bracelets with feathered earings lastly followed with her black toms . Wow i now have no chance with the boys apperantley. Juliet hopped in the car and climed in the passenger seat. "Hey love" I leaned over to give her a huge and she didnt deny it. I started to drive as we blasted the one direction up all night album when we stopped during the way. I saw something , and heard something i never thought i woulod right in front of me. But i guess i just did.
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