Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


29. With Harry everything is a ride

I wake up in the morning to see that that i have over 20 texts from Harry asking my if i would like to go to the mall and that he will pick me up at 1pm. I look at the clock and see its 12:34. I quickly get out of bed and go to the close and get my clothes. I get my skinny jeans and a black see through sirt with sparkle and a white shirt. I take out my black toms. I get changed and walk to Yes room to see her sleeping. I walk to her and whisper:
"Yes im going to be out with Harry see ya later okay"

"Yeah knock your self out" she says with her sleepy voice. I smile and walk out. I walk to the refrigeration and grad a yogurt and sit down on the couch and watch tv. More rumors about Harry and me. We broke up and stupid shit. "And live while were young" my phone rings and its Harry calling.

"Hello" i answer

"Hey babe im outside"

"Okay be right out" i hang up turn the tv of and walk out side and get inside his car.

"You look beautiful baby" he says kissing me in the cheek but i turn around to kiss him on his lips. There so warm and soft. I get lost and come back to reality and quickly stop.

"Okay babe lets go" Harry drives and asks where to go.

"Lets go to that carnival that we saw the other day" i ask

"Yeah that's going to be perfect babe" he makes a fast turn driving towards the carnival we saw a cuple days ago. We get out and start with the easy rides but them move on to the thrill ones. He takes me to a ride called Fire Hammer a ride that goes in circle and brings you down from the sky hard.Were in the front of the line when i get butterflies on my stomach.

"Harry..." i say with a sick voice

"Yeah baby" 

"Is it to late to say im afraid of highs" he gives a soft laugh.

"Babe its okay im not gonna let anything happen to my princess" he stares in to my eyes for a while and kisses me. The people behind us start to"OoOoOoOoO" till we stop and laugh.

"Next" the guy in a blue shirt yells and Harry takes my hand and walks me to my seat. The man puts our bets on. I look to my left and see that Harry is right there he takes my hand.

"Ready for the ride?" he asks. I nod and laugh because with Harry everything is a ride. The ride starts and my heart starts to pup out my chest. Harry sees this and starts to pretend hes scared and makes funny faces. Were about to go and he still makes funny faces.Once the ride is over we go to more thrilling rides. After that we eat a funnel cake and some tacos. He sure loves tacos. When we have had enough he drives me home. When we are in the front of the building he opens my door and  i get out. Harry stops me so im leading on the car and his against me. He kisses me in a way like if there's no tomorrow  Once the kiss is over i remember about that phone call  with Nathan. Should i tell him? Of course he needs to know.

"Harry i need to tell you something" he gives me a confused face.

"I knew it just knew it" he walks away.

"Harry what?" i ask  taking a step forward.

"Your going to break up with me" he puts his head down.

"No of curse not Harry what ?" he looks and me and walks towards me.

"Oh well continue.." he brings his body to me the exact some way it was.

"Well right after you left i eat and went to bed and got this call...." he gives me a continue face.

"I answered it and it was Nathan my ex i told you about" his eyes get wide.


"He aid he wants me back" i say this in a awkward voice because it is.

"Babe i dont see how that hoe van effect us" he says, "Babe i love you more than everything and i know you feel the same way lets not worry about that okay" why is he so perfect.

"Okay" as soon as im done talking he kisses my. He puts his arm on the car and leans on it and kisses me for atleast 3 minutes. When were done i go inside and get ready to go to bed. I let Chong in and and go to bed.

"I defiantly fell the same way about you Harry" i whisper to my self and go to bed. 

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