Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


40. Water down my back and more tweets :(

"Babe wake up we need to go" i open my eys and see Harry dressed and ready.

"Ummm what time is it" i sit up.

"Its 12:30 were suppose to be at the air port at 1:20 and i need to go pick my things up" Harry sits next to me, "Good morning sleepy head" he kisses me softly and i smile  I get up and walk to my room. I get my pick Aeropostale shirt with a black sip up sweater my black skinnys and my black Jordans. I get dressed grab my suitcase and my bag and walk to the kitchen.

"Ready babe?" he hands me a milkshake. Then his phone rings, "That was our ride lets go" he picks up my suitcase and we walk outside to see a black truck waiting for us. I quickly run to my car and lock it. I then get in the car and the driver drives us to Harrys hotel. I get of with him and help him pack. When were done packing we head back to the truck and they drive us to the Air Port. The driver leaves us at the drop of and i look at my phone and its 1:00.

"Harry we are 20 minutes early" i follow him.

"I know babe but getting from here to the air plane will take at least 20 minutes" he looks at me.

"Why?" i ask.

"You'll see" we enter the elevator. As soon as the elevator stops moving i hear screaming. I look at Harry and he looks at me with wide eyes and sends me a kiss. When the door opens it crazy. At the exit of the elevator we are being guard by four big men. There is alot of screaming and Harry stops to sign autographs and to my surprise two girls ask for my autograph  Harry was right it took us 20 minutes to get to the Air Plane. I look at my phone and its 1:22. As me and Harry and enter what seems to be a jet the doors close and we sit down across from each other  Just then a very pretty young lady comes to us.

"Is there anything i can do or get for you Mr.Styles?" she asks

"Is there anything you what babe" i shake my head.

"No not at the moment but thanks the girl walks way and im surprised. He didnt even call her babe or look at her legs or anything.

"So babe hows school?" he asks.

"Oh its good and by the way the school is having a showcase soon" i sit up.

"Oh really you should sing ive never heard you sing?" he looks at me.

"I should" i get up from were im siting and walk to Harry and sit next to him. He wraps hi arm on me and i fall asleep.


"Baby wake up were here" i open my eyes and turn my head up to face Harry and he kisses mi lips softly. We laugh and get up and get ready to head out. The door opens and the stairs hit the floor Harry takes my hand and we walk down the stairs. I look straight and see that Paul is at the other end. Harry stops to take pictures.

Just then i feel ice cold water going down my back. I give a small wimp and look behind me and see this blond girl trying to get away but she doesnt . Paul grabs her wrist and Harry walks taward her and by the look in his face i can see he is not happy. I cant make up the words they are saying to the girl but they are yelling at her. Soon the cops come and take her away. Harry walks away and looks at me. I could feel the water dripping from my hair to the rest of my clothes. I just know it was not a water bottle but it was a gallon. Harry and i look down and see that gallon of water on the floor empty. Harry takes his jacket off and puts it over my shoulders. He holds my wrist and walks me to the black van. When we get in there he takes his shirt of. I can hear that the fans saw him taking his shirt of because it gets louder

"Here babe dry your hair of" he hands me his shirt and i do so. Paul hims me a blanket. I can tell that Harry is mad so i dont make any conversation. When we get to his flap we both notice there's fans and paparazzi out in front of his door.

"Shit" he yells. Paul opens the door for us and we make a run. Since Harry is mad and has no shirt he doesnt stop to take pictures. He opens the door and walks me in. He sits on the coach while Paul brings the suitcases in. Paul shuts the door and Harry is just siting there shirtless  I need to give him some time. So i get my self and find the bathroom and take a shower. I take my close off and take a quick shower. When i get out and get dressed i check my twitter.


There thousand and millions of horrible tweets and pictures of me. "Finally she took a shower" "Whoever did this I LOVE YOU" and "Well im just happy whoever did this took on for the family" are the kinds of tweets that hurt me the most. I walk out the bathroom door and sit on the bed and just cry my life out. I put my head down and let the tears fall out. My hair is still wet and is driping to. Then Harry walks in.

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