Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


13. twitter

I wake up in the morning and see my phone i blown up with call text Facebook and  twitter. I go to twitter first and check it but nothing gets me ready for what im about to see. I walk to the kitchen and see the girls their. When i open my Twitter i see more than a thousands mentions horrible ones like people calling me 'bitch' 'hoe' and others like 'bitch your just looking for money' 'your such a slut bitch move on he dosnt like Mexican hoes' this brings me to tears like never before and then i see Louis got in it and said 'Leave her alone Harry loves her and hes told me so go away bitch let then be happy' i quickly replay 'Thanx love'. "Are you okay Marisol its twitter huh" Mya and Yesenia look at me. "How did you guys know". "It happens to everyone" i run to the bed and cover my self for some reason. I keep going down the screen and see i girl has said 'Bitch Harry is to good for you' and then see that Harry said something 'If anything Marisol is to good for me and i love her so leave her alone if anyone to hate its me im the one who asked her out' more tears come. How much more can i love him how can he be so perfect. Just then the girls come and take the blankets of me "Get up were going shopping" Mya looks at me with a serious face. "I cant im a mess and i just dont feel like it" i try to put the covers on me again but she stops me. "Marisol im not kidding here" she throws me some clothes and a pair of her favorite Toms that i love. I guess she thinks it will make me feel better but i know she is just caring about me so i get up and change and dont put any make up on just lip gloss because i know that im not done crying. I walk out side and see the girls in the car waiting for me. Mya drives while im on the back seat. I keep getting this Twitter alerts from random girls tweeting me. I try to avoid them. "Has he called" mya asks while keeping her eyes in the road. "Just then i get a call from Harry. "Hello" we talk for a while but i can tell there is something he wants to tell me and he finally does. "Marisol im really sorry for all the Twitter shit okay no matter what i think you beautiful and perfect i love you" at this moment im feeling better.and i think ill be okay. "Were here" Mya tells me while trying to park. "I love you too love you made my day ok i have to go bye". "Bye" i hang up and get of the car. The girls and I go shopping for a long tome and and buy alot of things. When we finally get tiered we get a Starbucks and sit to talk. The girls and I talk so nice like if nothing ever happened  I feel good enough to go through some tweets. Some of the are from supported directioners and some are disgusting. As read then i think to my self  'Okay how does Eleanor kill haters'. 'KINDNESS' I go through some bad tweets and and replay to some of them to kindness. " he good" Mya looks at me with a serious face. "Yeah hes good" but i want to say more than that i wanna say that hes PERFECT NICE CUTE CARING HOT FUNNY SEXY KIND PERFECT PERFECT and much much more but for know I just stay with 'good'

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