Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


6. the Nathan tears come back


just then my phone lights up its a call from my mom "hello mom" "hi hows it going" "very well" "i heared you made five new friends" what how did she know so fast "umm i guess you can call them that" "what happened" she say it like if she thinks i had it with one of them. "umm well we went to Nandos and there were fans after them and they asked for help and helped them and they could go to their home because the fans would be there and well we hanged out at the hotel me yesenia and mya with them and just now we left them were they're suppose to be thats why im amaze that you know already i explain "well you and mya just came out on TMZ". "oh okay mom i have to go ill talk to you later okay love you" i say. i really dont need to go just do want to talk with her because i have a feeling of were this conversation is heading. "ok love you bye" i hang up. "she knows already she heared on TMZ" i tell mya just then she shh's me and turns the volume up. the announcer is talking about me and mya with one direction. "and is it true does one direction have new it girls our reporters have catch the boys at a hotel with two girls and beautiful ones so is it true watch us on tv at 7pm tonight to see who this girls are" i start to blush right away when he said beautiful girls. "woww if this is the fandom for just friends imagine how its going to be when you date harry" i look down and dont respond "you are going to go out with him right" she asks knowing what my respond will be "look his a celebrity a big one you know what i went through with Nathan okay and he has to go on tour and no i just can do that" i tell her hoping shell understand. "MARISOL FOR GODS SAKE FORGET ABOUT THAT BITCH OKAY ALL I KNOW IS THAT I SAW YOU CRY EVERYDAY BUT LOOK NOW YOU HAVE SOME HOT CELEBRITY THAT EVERY GIRL WANTS FORGET THAT ASS HOLE GOT IT" she says screaming her head of and i understand her because she would try everything to make me smile when Nathan cheated on me. "okay dont scream at me and you dont even know if he wants to go out with me so dont say that or things will get ugly". "okay im sorry and marisol why wouldn't he want to go out with you" she asks me trying to make me feel better and trying to prevent the tears come. "look i dont want to talk about it okay and i dont want to talk about it okay i love you but right now your bringing the Nathan tears back " i say pretending to catch a tear. The rest ride is silent once we get to the hotel i open the door and see yesenia taking a nap. i take my close and take a long hot shower to try to wash the tears away but its impossible. they come back that night when i saw him kising my friend Anessa in our own date i could see him catching up to me "marisol wait i need to talk to you" i remeber me giving him a chance because i loved him to much "look im cheating on you okay so we have to break up " i remember thinking how can he say this and just run out and drive to my house and hide in my room for the month. i quickly remember about the show and get out and put my pj's on. i run to the bed and to my luck mya is interested to and has already found the channel.

so hear we go......

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