Your my Juliet and Im your Romeo

When Marisol goes to London for a school trip she never expected to meet the boy of her dreams. Marisol knows she can leave Harry behaind when she leaves London so she brings him along for a while. Marisol goes through a lot of drama but nothing gets her ready for what is about to happen between Harry her parents and her self. Harry and Marisol will have to face a similar situation as 'Romeo and Juliet' did.


37. Nathan and Harry touch heads

I run out of bed to outside. I run down the stairs along with Chong he gets down there faster. When i get there is see Harry stanging a cuple of feet away from Nathan. Chong is in front of Harry growling at Nathan. Then there Yes and Naill behid Harry. Just then Harry looks at me and so does Nathan. 

"Tell him" Nathan says. 

"Tell him what?" i asks

"That your going to leave me and go back with him" Harry says with a confused face.

 "What no harry im not i love you to much to be that stupid" i walk towards him. He holds my waist and kisses me with such passion. I could hear Niall laughing trying to rub it on Nathans face. When we stop kissing hey Nathan takes a step toward us and everything happens so fast. Harry puts my behind him. Niall takes my hand and pulls me and Chong starts to bark at Nathan.  

"Sol come on hes a celebrity  he has millions of girls chasing him hes going to hurt you" Nathan says. For the first time i get a good look at him. He's wearing a white muscle shirt black jeans and black boots. I can see he has tattoos all over his chest and he looks bad from the drungs he is such a mess that i feel bad for him. 

"Like you did no Nathan nothing compares to what you did and im sure he wont hes better than you" i say and i take Harrys hand. 

"Sol i love you and hes just using you hes going be out there fucking some girls" i know Harry is mad because he squeezes my hand. He takes steps toward him. I pull him and can see that Niall does to. 

"Harry" Niall and i whisper but he ignores us and walks to him along with Chong. He walks to him till they are face to face. 

"Listen kid stay away" Harry says. 

"Or what?" Nathan asks. I look down to see that Chong is walking around Nathan showing his teeth. 

"Or its not going to be good for you and believe me he doesnt have any better ideas" Harry says referring to Chong. 

"Oh whats a puppy going to do" and again everything happens so fast. Chong jumps on Nathan hard that i can hear him head on the floor. He is on him. His two front paws on his shoulder and his back paws on his thighs. He has his mouth over Nathans face showing him his full theeth.  Just then Harry gets on one knee and whistles at Chong. 

"Come here boy" Chong comes to him. Harry pets his head. 

"Good boy" Nathan gets up and so does Harry and Chong starts growling again. 

"Stupid pup" Nathan says. 

"Why you calling him stupid his the one who jumped you?" Harry says laughing. 

"And why are you leting some stupid dog fight me instead of you bitch" Nathan say.  Chong runs to him and bites his pants making him fall to the ground hard again. Chong pulls and pulls. Then Nathan kicks him hard on his front paw. He wimps and falls for a second and then he gets up and starts growling again. As soon as i see this i yell. 

"CHONG" i run next to Harry and hold Chong by the collar. Nathan gets up.

"Idiot"He says.

"Go away now and dont ever come back i hate you go away!!" i yell at him. He gets surprised.  "Sol please" he trys to get close but Chong growls at him. 

"Go away i dont want to see you" i yell. 

"Okay" he says. He walks away not turning his back to us.  "im not done with you bitch" he says pointing at Harry. Just then i lose grip of Chong and he is of chasing Nathan. 

"Chong no!" i yell. 

"Chong come here boy!" Harry yells. Just then he stops and comes back lumping. When i look up Nathan is gone. Harry carrys Chong back to the apartment. Niall Yes and me follow him. I quickly run to the cabinet and grab i big  bandage. I give it to Harry and he wraps it around his leg. By the time  hes done Niall and Yes walk to Yes room. I go to the kitchen open the fridge and get two water bottles for me and Harry. Then i open the lower cabinet to get Chongs favorite treat.  "ouchh Chong" Harry says. I turn around to expect to see Harry and Chong playing on the floor but no. I turn around to see Chong licking Harrys face. Why? Because he has a big black bruse on his eye. 

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